Glossary of Pitjantjatjara words

Amata                      Aboriginal community (village) 400 km from Alice Springs established by the

Australian Government before the community does not conform to tribal “standards”.

Anangu                    People (Pitj). This is how the Pitjantjatjara call themselves

Angatja                    Homeland of Nganyinta and her family 550 km South West of Alice Springs

Baiame                    Hero Spirit (God) of most tribal Australians

Djiba                        Grinding stone (Pitj)

Emu                         Australian flightless bird

Goanna                    Large lizard (2-3 metres)

Ilyatjari                     Nganyinta’s husband (tribal elder of Angatja Anangu)

Inma                        Gathering of Anangu for Tjukurrpa dances and songs,

mostly at evenings around the campfire

Kanyalu                    Euro (kangaroo) (Pitj)

Konga                       Women (Pitj)

Koori                        People (S.E. Aboriginal language) This is how the tribal people at the

South East coast of Australia called themselves.

Malba                      Friend (Pitj)

Malu                        Kangaroo (Pitj)

Mulga                     Desert tree or scrub. Timber is used by Anangu for tools,

spears, huts and the fruits are edible

Nganyinytja           Anangu woman, Angatja is her family’s homeland.

We were her guests. Remarkable and wise woman.

Vale Nganyinytja  - 2007

Ngintaka               Goanna (Pitj)

Ngintaka Man      Tjukurrpa Hero Spirit of the Angatja Anangu

Pitjantjatjara        Original language group in the Central Desert.

Now the name used for most of the Aboriginal people living in the Central Desert.

Pulturo                  The red headband, sign of initiation

Tinka                     Sand lizard, approximately 50 cm

Tjanmatja’ s         Bush onions (Pitj)

Tjukurrpa             Anangu dreaming, period of creation

Walawaru             Eagle

Wiltsja                  Half round hut

Wiro                      Good, best (Pitj)

Wirra                    Wooden dish

Angatja - Aboriginal Cultural Exchange 1988
Paul with the Angatja kids.

Traveling in the dreamtime Paul’s stay with Pitjantjatjara people in 1989 (TOC)