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My mother was a Buddeke. I have been researching my family’s genealogy sine 2006. I believe I found an earlier version of your web page back then.

I have only been able to trace back to my great-great grandfather, John Herman Buddeke who immigrated to the US about 1830 from the Osnabruck area of Germany.

There are only 5 Buddeke males left in my family and one has taken a Y-DNA test with FamilyTreeDNA. He only matched 7 others none of whom had the surname Buddeke or Budde. I was surprised that FTDNA suggested that his origin was Denmark, which would make me think Vikings. Yet you noted on your web page that you do not have Vikings in your heritage.

There are always more questions in genealogy research than answers.



Hermann Heinrich “Henry” BUDDE – Mackenbruch

My great great grandfather is Hermann Heinrich “Henry” BUDDE (1839-1872). He was born in Mackenbruch (near Oerlinghausen) in what was at the time the Principality of Lippe. He migrated to Harris County, Texas, in 1855.
Does anyone else have a connection to this line?

Jesse Vaughan – http://www.lifestylegroupllc.com/jlv


George William Budde

George William Budde who is often regarded as the last American soldier killed in WW I.
Felix Winternitz  (felixwinternitz@gmail.com) has researched the life and death Of George William which he published in his book: The last casualty?
Brief abstract
Private George William Budde served in WWI as a marine in 17th Company. He survived Belleau Wood and was injured at Chateau-Thierry. It is said he met his death while on patrol in the Argonne Forest on Armistice Day, 11 November 1918 – minutes before the signing of the peace treaty in a railroad carriage near Paris – thus becoming the last soldier to die in that war.

He was posthumously awarded the American valor medals the Purple Heart, Navy Cross and Distinguished Service Cross, for ‘extraordinary heroism and gallantry’, as well as Silver Star Victory Medal and French Croix de Guerre.

There has been ongoing discussion – and some disagreement – about the events in France on that day; and in particular there is contention about the extent to which news of the impending armistice had spread – if the men were aware and whether some senior officers chose to keep silent and march on. It seems that General Pershing left the decision up to his commanders in the field, and it is believed that one of Budde’s superior officers, a Captain Charles Dunbeck, forced the men over a flimsy bridge near Villemontry and into the path of the German machine gun nest that struck George Budde down.

There is still no clear picture of exactly what took place during that 12-hour period but investigations after the war suggested that in some cases squad leaders (maybe due to arrogance or ambition) ‘crossed the line from “sacrifice” of enlisted men to “murder”’.

George Budde attended Xavier University in Cincinnati, where he was considered to be an emerging poet. He chronicled his wartime experiences in a diary and in letters home. His great grand-nephew, Dr Louis Meiners, also a Xavier graduate, has a collection of his wartime letters.

Click here for the full article.


Theodore Budde School Creek, IL.

I recently acquired a “Budde Family Cookbook” and it got me interested in tracing my family history. My great grandfather was Theodore Budde, born September 29, 1848 in School Creek, IL. He married Gertrude Manhart who also was born in School Creek, IL February 7, 1851.

Theodore died in Bancroft, Iowa December 23, 1928 and Gertrude died in Bancroft, Iowa December 17, 1927

I have no records earlier than that.

My grandmother was born in Springbrook, Iowa April 22, 1873.

I would love to have any information about his family.

Dolores Inman



My Father was Leonard Joseph Budde from Joliet, Ill. He died around 1975. We are related to Mackys, Chignolis. and Wilhelmis.

Joe Budde:  joebudde@aol.com

El Salvador

My name is Nelson Noe Budde Aldana, I’m trying to establish my family tree I just ran into your page and I decide to see if you can help me or guide me as to what to do more.

Brief History of what I know.

My Grand Father Name was Frederick Budde, and he came from Colong Germany according to my mothers’ birth certificate.

My mother says that my grand fathers fled WWI and reside in Honduras where he married my grandmother to be a native from Honduras Central America.

My mother married my father to be a Salvadorian which later my mother move to live in El Salvador with my father. Due to the civil war that broke out in the early 80’s my father fled to the USA where my mother and my small sister followed him 4 years later and then later one of my older brother.

My family is made up of 4 brothers and 1 sister; I’m the youngest of all 4 male brothers (35 years old now).

My mother has always asked for us to search for our family in Germany or Prussia (My grand father was originally from Prussia) and to make contact that’s all.

I would really love for that to happen, so that’s why I’m writing to you.

All my family is a Spanish speaking, but, all of us are very fluently in English, except for 1 the oldest brother.



My 3rd great grand mother on my mother’s side was Marin (Mary) Budde. She was born 24 MAY 1850 in Essen, Rhine Province, Prussia. Her husdband was Francis Monig (Minnings).

The Monig’s had immigrated from Essen, Rhine Province in 1879 and settled in Barrie Ontario. Augusta (a daughter) had a sister, Mary who married Franz Zoschke and settled in Penetanquishene (Canadian Census May 11th, 1891) Mary age 20, Franz age 30 and a daughter Augusta born 1889). Augusta Monig was born April 13th, 1869 in the Rhine Province of Prussia, now Germany. She married Karl Henry Zoschke my great Grandfather. Francis and Marin her parents are buried in Phelpston Ontario Hwy 27, Concession 4, turn off at Ferguson Vale. Francis had a brother named John.

Do you have any records of Buddes settling in Canada?

Breent Kelly



My branch of the Budd family came to Canada in 1872.  There name then was Budde but for some reason the e was dropped shortly after they arrived.  They homesteaded on some crown land in Renfrew County in the province on Ontario.  They also started a lumber mill and a small hamlet by the name of Budd’s Mills.Gottfried Budde, born in Germany in 1810 was the patriarch of the family.  He was my GGG grandfather.  He did not come to Canada but his son, William Budd (born 27 Jan 1834 in Cranzin,Frankfurt, Brandenburg, Prussia) did with his wife Julia Ann Schirner (Born 21 Feb 1834 in Arnswalde, Brandenburg, Prussia).  William died 31 Jul 1924 and Julia died1 Nov 1915.  Both are buried in Golden Lake, Ontario.Julius William Budd, born Feb 25, 1834 was their only surviving child and my great grandfather.  He had a large number of children one of whom was my grandfather Ezra Fredrick Budd 9Born 31 Aug 1883 in Golden Lake and died in Pembroke , Ontario in Nov,1941.  His only child was my father Gerald William Budd, born in Pembroke in 1918 and died in Toronto, Ontario in 1976.  I am his only child.I have quite a bit more information on this branch of the Buddes in Canada that I can share if you are interested.  What I don’t have is information on them in Prussia, Germany or Poland.  Is there any help you can provide me on the Buddes in what is Krzecin, Poland today or in the 1800’s?
Thomas G. Budd, P.Eng.




I am writing from Vancouver island Canada where I have began a search into the Budde branch of my family.

I have got quite a few pieces centred around Halle, Germany where my direct ancestor Johann Buddeus was a founding professor at the original Halle University in the 1700s. Several generations lived here although I am still trying to fill in the gaps between Johann and my grandmother Sybille Budde. The family remained centred around the University where my Great Grandmother Grete Halle Budde eventually was commissioned to create a hall of bronze and marble busts of past deans that are still there today. I have just found a piece of her work on Ebay Germany, already sold but still posted.

He has also been traced as a direct ancestor of Guillaume Bude (aka Buddaeus) who was a chief librarian and education advisor to Francis I of France. His story is fascinating in that one would think he quietly lived as a “heretic” for many years as he influenced the Monarch of the day. Ultimately 20 years after his death his family members fled as huguenots avoiding persecution. This seems to be where many of his offspring ended in Pomerania /halle and others in Geneva.

I can see from your research that the Budde name has been in the North of Germany since before 1560 when the French Bude’s fled Paris – so I am wondering if they were related or adapted their name to match the German version and began a whole new line of Buddes in the region. I would be interested to know if you have come across anything from this line of Buddes and to share more detail as it emerges if you are interested in adding it to your research….

Karma Brophy


Washington State/Wisconsin

My name is Kimberly (Budde) Jungel. I live in Washington state. My father was Brian Richard Budde. Brian was born on 6-30-36 in Rhinelander Wisconsin. He past away April 2006 in Vancouver Wa. His father was Henry Albert Budde. Henry’s father was Albert Henry Budde. Brian’s mother was Leone Elizabeth Case born on 6-5-1906 in Antigo, Wisconsin. I heard we were originally from Germany.

Kimberly Jungel kimbj1@msn.com


I’m from Michigan, USA. From what I know, my great grandpa came to the United States from Germany over at least 90 years ago. I’m not sure on the exact time though. I don’t know a whole lot about my great grandparents history, because my grandpa who just passed away due to Alzheimer’s, hasn’t been well for a long time. Well I just thought I’d pass along a little of what I know about the Budde family to you!

Kimberly Budde ksbudde@hotmail.com

Bernhard Karl Budde Washington State

My name is Jennifer and I live in Washington State, USA. I am currently tracing my family tree. I have come upon a few names from Bremen, Germany on my father’s side. I was to your site the Budde family history and was wondering if the family name I have is the same from your site.

I have a birth certificate with the name Bernhard Karl Budde Born November 2,1898. His parents are Zimmermann Peter Carl Friedrich Budde and Bertha Adolphine Heneriette Budde Geborene. I know my great grandfather, Bernhard Karl Budde moved to the United states sometime in the1920’s. He was married in 1929 to Anna Birkel and had 1 daughter. named Regina Budde.

I know that Bernhard had 2 sisters Anna Budde born Oct. 28, 1899 married Fredrich Minkeley. and Martha Budde born November 30, 1907. He also had a brother named Carl Fredrich Budde born sometime in the 1900 but before 1907.

I know that my family still lives in Breman Germany but can not find an address for them. If you think that you know anything about this line of descent please e-mail me, I would love to chat.

Thank You

Jennifer Dewey


George Harold Budde, Jr. and Virginia R. Budde

My name is Rusty Newport. I am interested to find out if you have any information on one George Harold Budde, Jr. I have come across several photographs, two drawings, and several certificates and diplomas from Mr. Budde, and can provide only the following information:

Georga H. Budde, Jr. was married to Virginia R. Budde. Both (presumably) lived in the United States, where George served as an Aviation Safety Representative. He was certified by the Civil Aeronautics Administration of the U.S. Department of Commerce on September 16, 1952. I have his diploma.

I have a hand-drawn certificate written in German that looks to be some sort of flying club membership.

There are several photographs of George and Virginia, as well as two bust sketches of the couple. In all of the pictures, George is in (what I believe to be) a U.S. Air Force uniform.

Virginia visited the Blarney Castle in Ireland on September 14, 1971 and crossed the International Date Line on July 22, 1973. I have certificates commemorating both events, but have no record of George doing so. The Blarney certificate indicates that Virginia is from “Chatsworth off Devonshire”.

My mother purchased this lot in an estate sale in Georgia, but no additional information was provided at all. I do not believe that the sellers had any knowledge of the couple, either.

Any information at all that you may be able to provide would be most helpful, as well as any direction in which you may be able to point me to continue my research.

Thank you for your time.


Rusty Newport


Tare Chace added (see Germany (Nordrhein Westfalen):

Sadly Virginia died February 25, 2000, in San Antonio, Texas. I’m not sure if George is still alive or not. Haven’t heard from him in several years.

George was very fond of flying. He was born in 1918. I believe Virginia was born Dec. 28, 1916. They are distant relatives of mine. They had a son named Bruce Budde.


On parole?

My name is Darla Budde and I am on a search for my biological father. His name was John Luca Budde, but he also went by the name Russ Budde. He has a sister Abby Budde and a brother Matthew Budde

I was born in Yakama, WA and my parents lived in California for a while, that is where my father was born…I grew up in Alaska though. I also have a card that was written in 1979 from him that was sent from 2207 Dover ave. Richland, Washington 99352, I think it might be a prison because in the card he talks about getting paroled, nice huh? That’s about all I know…any ideas?


The folowing info looks like the same family.

My name is Abigail Budde I’m the daughter of John Creighton Budde and Joanne Budde…I have 8 siblings and 3 step siblings. My mother had 3 children prior to marring my father John Budde my brothers and sisters from my father youngest to the eldest are:

Melissa Budde living in Spokane WA

Karl Budde living in Yakima WA has 1 son Tanner Budde living in Yakima WA

Frank Woodruff Budde living in Yakima WA has 1 son Jonathan Budde living in Yakima WA

Abigail Budde living in Port Hadlock WA

Mathew Budde No children

Alisa Budde Seattle WA

Julie Budde

Cynthia Budde living in Yakima WA

I also have My Uncle Roger Budde my fathers brother..he had two son’s:

Roger Budde

Jeffery Budde

And I have my Aunt Carol my fathers sister living in Portland OR she has two children:

Karen Budde living in Portland OR

Kelly Budde

All of my father children have several children…I only listed the children that would carry on the Budde name my brothers sons…My mother had 3 previous children prior to her marriage to my father my brothers that took my fathers name:

Bobbie Budde living in Goldendale WA with wife Paula Budde has three children Stephine Budde and Carrie Budde both living in Goldendale WA.

Russell Budde living in AZ has 4 children Monica Budde Crystal Budde Pearl Budde Robert Budde…My fathers Dads name was Woodruff Budde my Grandmother was Nina Budde both were living in Portland OR before they passed away..hope this helps the Budde family in there search to find family members..I also found out when my father died that he had several other children living in the Los Angeles WA are I was told he had 9 other son’s that were residing there.


Santa Clara

Herman F Budde (wife Gladys) lived at 658 Jefferson St in Santa Clara, CA 95050 in 1927. It’s difficult to pinpoint exact dates using the cross reference book, but he lived there in 1927 and by 1934 the address shows as vacant. In the year 1930 Herman was 44 and Bernard 40.

His father was Louis Budde and he had 4 sons and 2 daughters. 2 sons, Herman and Bernard, stayed in the private sector while 2 other brothers, Charles and Edward, both were Jesuit priests. 2 sisters, Monica and Louisa, were nuns in the order of Notre Dame (nearby).

Louis owned the company Louis Budde & Sons (dry goods) and his 2 sons Bernard and Herman worked there. The address was 1095 Franklin Street (the old downtown area of Santa Clara, CA). The next address that I see for Herman is 690 Jackson Street also in Santa Clara.

Herman and Bernard owned and operated the Wonder novelty shop in Santa Clara. This must follow Louis Budde and Sons.

Bernard died on June 18, 1981 and was buried at the Santa Clara Mission Church. He was formerly a bank board member in Santa Clara and had extensive land holdings in CA and Nevada.

The address of 690 Jackson Street in Santa Clara CA was deemed historically significant by the City of Santa Clara due to the fact that the Budde’s lived there. I am contacting the City for a copy of that application and if you’d like a copy, please let me know and I can send or fax it to you.

I hope this is helpful.

I believe Bernard’s place of birth was Santa Clara and his birth date was 3/19/1890.

Glady, Herman’s wife, was born 12/9/1890 and died 10/15/1966 and her social security number was 550-68-4591.

Jeanne jeannelh@comcast.net

Budde’s in Minnesota

Rice Country 1

I just happened to come across your website devoted to the Budde family. My great great grand mother was Wilheimine “Minnie” Budde (who married my great great grand father Albert Retzlaff in Germany). She is buried near my grand parents in Faribault, Minnesota, USA. I am originally from Rochester, MN (about 60 miles or 100 km from Faribault), but I now live in San Antonio, Texas, after getting out of the US Army last year. A lot of my grand mother’s family came to Minnesota and is buried there in the Rice County area.

Rice County 2

There are Buddes from Prussia in Rice County Minnesota in the last half of the 19th century. Some of these live close to nephews of my William Budde’s wife, Anna Maria Wolf. They may be relatives of my William Budde, who in 1878 moved from Vernon, Lake, Illinois to Belgrade, Nicollet, Minnesota. Does anyone have more info about them?

Christian Wilhelm Budde

My mother’s maternal grandfather was Christian Wilhelm Budde born In Hannover Dec 3, 1835. Came to the USA about 1849. Would be interested in any info on his ancestry. His wife was also from Germany Anna Maria Wolf b. Dec. 3 1833. Lived in Chicago and later Mankato Minnesota.

Ralph Edwards rte@monmouth.com

See also news section Germany.

Stearns County

Hi Paul, I have a few Buddes. one married into my husband’s Petermeier tree…. They live in Stearns County, Minnesota, USA Don’t know if you are aware of American cousins…

Josie Petermeier Oldenburg-L@genealogy.net

Arnold Budde from Varensell (Germany) to Georgia (USA)

I am a grandson of Elisabeth Merschbrock, born Budde, I am doing genealogical research on my family. According to information given to me by my mother, a stepbrother of my grandmother – Arnold Budde, born 1874 – emigrated to Georgia in 1891. He was accompanied by his uncle, and the two of them opened or bought a cotton mill in Atlanta then.

I wonder if you happen to know something about the descendants of Arnold Budde. If this should be the case, could you perhaps send me information on Arnold Buddes offspring? This is for purely genealogical reasons, and in return I can provide data on the Budde family reaching back to the beginning of the eighteenth century.

Joachim Sanner, D-53842 Troisdorf, Vulkanstraße 6 Tel.: (Germany) 0 22 41 / 40 37 41, Fax: 0 22 41 / 87 82 90, mojo_s@web.de

William Harold Budde

I was browsing the internet looking up ways to find out about my maiden name and ran across your website. What a wonderful website! I have not had the chance to look through the whole thing yet, but I am hoping that I will be able to soon. I am especially curious to find out more about my European ancestors. The farthest back I know my family is my Great-grandfather William Harold Budde. However, I’ve been told that it was his parents who came to America via Ellis Island. So, I am hoping that tracking them shouldn’t be too difficult. I know that Ellis Island has a website to access family who may have come to America through them.

Anyway, I just wanted to know how far have you or any contributors gone into any Budde lines in America? Just curious!


Tracey (Budde) Winger twinger@wvhmhc.org

Albert Budde Newton Kansas

I came across your website http://www.budde.com.au/budde/ through my search engine. Having a curious mind and always wanting to know more about life and people is one of my attributes. Retaining the mountains of information I have heard from my deceased grandmother and others is another story. I wish I had my Grandmother’s, Agnes, wonderful memory.

Have you researched the Budde family in Newton, Kansas, USA? It was rather large at one time. As one of the descendents I know! Allow me to introduce my grandfather, Albert Budde. He is a sweet and sad but determined almost 95 years of fine mentally capable age and lives on his birth land. My Grandfather is one special gem of an individual and a fine quality gentleman. He has ploughed the soil, tilled the earth, bred livestock for his lifetime of years, and to this day can tell you anything you need to know about a tractor, plough or combine, building a shed, barn or house, or fixing a stove, pipe or a Grandmother’s rocking-chair. He knows his heritage and has more than enough history to write a novel. Finding someone new to share with is what he needs to keep his spirits lifted now more than ever. Family is of extreme importance to this very dear soul. If I can bring him a fresh connection with new family stories I know he would feel fresh life for a day. Or a moment at least. Please let me know what information I can give to you that would be of help to continue this endeavour. I love my Grandfather and wish to bring a smile to his face. I wish for him to have a reason to see the sun come up tomorrow. Peace and Happy Holidays. Most Sincerely, Kathryn Renee Miller

12. Michael Hult Budde Sr

Michael Hult Budde sr,

My name is Ryan Budde. I went searching and came across your site. i can find out a little bit of stuff from my mom, but i don’t think she knows much. my grandfather was “Michael Hult Budde sr.” he is dead now… I am only 17, but would love to know as much about my roots as possible. So if you could help me in any way or it would be highly appreciated.


August Budde Maria Stein Ohio

I am not sure if this is the same Budde family. But the Budde family I am trying to get information on is, August Budde: b. 1899 d. 1969 In Maria Stein, Ohio.

This side of the Budde side is extremely difficult to follow. My grandmother was a Budde and all I know is that her father was August Budde from Maria Stein, Ohio and he married Catherine Hemelgarn from Cranberry Prarie, Ohio. I can try and contact some other family members for you, I will try to find more for you to help you along. My grandmother is still alive, she just turned 71 last month. So I will get some information and let you know.

Sincerely, Danielle Woodward BrentnMe628@aol.com

Herman Budde Schilmoeller

Searching for the birthplace and other info of HERMAN BUDDE, believed to have been born in 1827. He is the father of Bernard Budde, born 1857, who was believed to be married to a woman named Schilmoeller. They are the parents of Louis Budde. Both Louis and Bernard lived in Covington, KY. Louis H. Budde, 1879-1947. Louis was my paternal grandfather. Any help?

rachentom@fuse.net Gratefully

I was wondering if you had found any information that you were looking for ? I don’t know if this is related to anything but my paternal great grandfather was Franz Budde – born in 1861. From the information I have – he was born in Germany lived most his life in Cincinnati but he did have a daughter that was born in 1891 in Kentucky probably Covington or Newport . Maybe this ties in somehow.janiceck@aol

Mary Anne Butte (or Budde)

I was doing a little surfing this morning, and ran across your web page on the Budde family tree. I tried unsuccessfully to access your site at myfamily.com.

It was rumoured by my great aunt, Eleanor Wichmer, that we were descendants of the “Von Budde” family and that there was a Bishop Von Budde in the line.

I am researching Mary Ann Butte who immigrated to the USA though the Port of New York from Prussia 2/26/1845. She married John Henry Wichmer. They resided in St. Mary’s , PA and later Carroll City, IA. They were farmers. I was looking at the probability that when she crossed the ocean the language came a barrier and her surname was really Budde not Butte.

I was wondering if you have run across a Mary Ann or Marie Butte born abt 1815 in Prussia. My research starts after she crossed the ocean coming to the U.S.A. I haven’t found the ship, port of departure, or town she came from yet. You can check out my Gedcom at ancestry.com on the world trees.

I will very much appreciated hearing back from you.

Marilyn R. Moore Arnold, MO USA marilyn_63010@yahoo.com

Franz Budde

I am also researching the Budde family history. Though I have just started

and probably have no new information to give you; I just wanted to let you

know that I am searching also. My great grandfather was Franz Budde. The only

information I have right now is that he was born in August 1861 in Germany.

He came to the US supposedly on 9 October 1881 departing from Amsterdam and

arriving in New York. I have not been able to verify the immigration

information yet.

Any thoughts you might have on this would be greatly appreciated! Thank you, Janice Kovach


Budde Randolph Country Illionois

My (Sue Blankenship)maiden name was Budde and I was trying to piece together something of my family history. I know next to nothing about my father’s family because he talked very little about himself. If you know anything about the Buddes who lived in Randolph County, Illinois, I’d like to correspond further with you. Here’s what I do know: My father’s name was Carl Budde (1917-1993). His parents were Theodore and Mary (Dietz) Budde. Theodore was born in 1861 and died in 1943. He had a brother, Charles, who died in 1911. Mary died in 1929. Carl had two sisters, Minnie Budde, who died in 1948 and Lena Budde Laufer, who died in 1991. Not much to go on, but if you can help, I’d appreciate any info.

Sue Blankenship [sueblankenship@hotmail.com]

Budde St.Libory Sthrn Illionois

I (Ric Nold) am researching the Budde family but am not having much luck. My grandmotheer was a Budde, She resided in the St. Libory area of southern Illinois and married my grandfathere who was a Behrman. My line can be found at my web site at www.hostville.com/ricspage. Any help would be appreciated.

Ric Nold Kirkwood, MO cnold@earthlink.net

Martha Budde New York 1898

Paul, my grandmother was Martha Budde. Born 1898 In New York. Her father was Frank Budde and mother Emma Koehler. Her parents were born in Germany., Where?Her father had 4 children born in Germany,by his 1st wife, came to America in the late 1800’s and had 3 more children by 2nd wife. children born in Germany were Edmond, Hugo, Max and Hattie.3 children born in us. were John, George and Martha. Frank Budde was a plumber.That is all the information I have about the Budde,s. Is this a common german name?Thank You, Dorothy

Dorothy White DOROTHY530@webtv.net



I am researching the German ancestry of Charles and Fredrick BOODY of Hardin County, Iowa, their last residence in the US. The best information I have


1) They came from either the Kingdom of Hannover or the city of Hannover, now part of Niedersachsen, Germany.

2) They were Lutheran.

3) Charles and Frederick may have been brothers or cousins.

4) In the US, their name was spelled BOODY. Based on the pronunciation of the name, it may have been spelled BUDDE, BUDE, BUTTE, BUTE, BODDE, BODE, BOHDE, etc, while they lived in the Kingdom of Hannover.

5) They immigrated to the US in about 1852-1855.

Based on US documents:

A. Charles BOODY

-Father: Fredrick BOODY (BUDDE, etc.), died about 1838, Hannover ??

-Mother: Doretta FREDRICKS, died about 1872, place unknown

-Born: 12 January 1835, place unknown, probably in the Kingdom of Hannover

-Died: 17 August 1922, Pleasant Township, Hardin County, Iowa -Immigrated when he was 19, around 1854

-Married: 27 October 1860, Hardin County, Iowa.

-Name of wife: Sarah E. ROUSSEU, born: 17 March 1837 Marshall County, Iowa

Died: 29 November 1920 Iowa

-Children of marriage:

1. Estella J. BOODY born: 17 August 1861 Married JJ PARSONS, of Bourbon KY Feb. 1880

Died: unknown

2. Robert E. BOODY born: 7 February 1863

Died: 9 January 1908

3. Otis S. BOODY born: 27 January 1865

Died: 23 October 1946

4. Orley S. BOODY born: 27 January 1865 (Otis & Orley twin sons)

Died: 24 August 1904

5. Reuben W. BOODY born: 14 August 1868

Died: 21 June 1941

6. Fredrick C. BOODY born: 20 August 1873

Died: 20 November 1946

7. Constance (Tennie) born: 6 March 1877

Died: unknown

B. Fredrick BOODY

-Parents: unknown

-Born: 10 Jan 1825, place unknown, probably in the Kingdom of Hannover

-Died: 20 September 1905 Hardin County, Iowa -Enlisted service to King of Hannover abt. 1845 -Immigrated when he was 28, between 1852-1854 -Married #1: Fall 1854 Magdalene ECKER born: July 1835(possibly Jones County, Iowa)

-Died: 7 February 1860 Hardin County, Iowa -Children of first marriage:

1. George BOODY born: 17 March 1856

2. Joseph BOODY born: 16 August 1857

3. Doretta BOODY born: 12 March 1859 All children born Pleasant township, Hardin County, Iowa Marriage #2

14 June 1860 in Whitley County, Indiana

Sarah FAGER born: 17 March 1840 unknown place

Died: 29 April 1925 Iowa

Children of Marriage #2

Mary E. BOODY born: 19 September 1861

Died: unknown

Charles M. BOODY born: 11 March 1863

Died: unkown

Frank D. BOODY born: 26 June 1866

Died: 1953

Infant BOODY born: unknown

Died: unknown

Any help in locating area of Hannover that Charles BOODY, his parents, or relative Fredrerick BOODY came from, or contact from fellow researchers of this family is most welcome! Stacey


Nicolas and Margaret Boody

I want to thank you for the invitation to your Budde family site. I too, like Gerry Meier, descend from the NY Nicholas and Margaret Boody. I see by one of the posts that we all pronounce Budde/Boody the same way. At least that’s a start.

Another researcher of my branch of Boodys came across index while in Salt Lake City, UT (here in the states) where there were some Boody papers written about “Nicholas Boody” of Bavaria. She was never able to locate them. Have you ever run across any Budde/Boody surname from that area??

Once again, thanks for the invite. Sharon Leinaar Michigan, USA

Nicholas Boody-Germany to NY to Michigan 1754-1852

I saw the Budde family website and thought I’d send a short message to members. My family is descended from Nicholas BOODY, born 1754 in Germany. We still have been unable to learn the location of his birth, but Germany is named on all the census records and it is know that the family spoke German until the mid 1870s. Since Montgomery Co NY was the center of Palatine immigration in NY, it is thought by some that the Boodys were Palatines, but came originally from Holland and were really Dutch. My thinking is that in the US the Germans from that region were called Pennsylvania Dutch because they spoke “Deutsch” not Dutch. But who knows? There are several who believe they were really Dutch.

The Boody family lived in Montgomery Co, NY from 1799-1837 when they all moved to Eaton Co. Michigan. This was strange because Nicholas was 83 years old at that time, and most of his children were married and had children. Six of his 8 children moved with the group, along with the families. One moved to Ogle Co., IL and the last remained in Oneida Co., NY.

My friends in Germany assure me that BOODY is NOT a German name, so we surmise that it must have been anglicized to the present spelling from some other version such as BUDDE or BOOTHE. The family belonged to Methodist and Dutch Reform Churches when in NY, but didn’t seem to be strongly tied to any specific religion.

Although my assumption is that the name was spelled differently the only other ways I have seen it are BOETY, BOODEY, BOODIE, BOETE and even POODY. I am at a standstill on research prior to 1799 in Minden, NY. I haven’t found any siblings or parents for Nicholas, SR. I suspect that they came to NY before 1790 because all of his children were born in NY. He may have been married before because he was over 40 when the children were born. I suspect he was in the German military prior to this time.

This is a brief family tree. The original spellings used in NY are listed in parentheses.

Nicholas Boody, Sr. 1754-1852

Margaret LNU

Mary Boody 1792-1848

John Winn (Wynne, Winne)

Nicholas Boody 1796 -1868

Betsy Truax 1798=1851 (Truex)

John Boody 1800-

Charity House (Haus)

Catherine Boody 1801-1847

Conrad Eychener (Eigenauer )

Daniel Boody 1802-1848

Lucinia Oakes 1811-1866 (Ochs)

Jacob Boody Dec. 1803-1864

Sarah Ann Lawrence 1810=1889

Henry Boody 1808-1882

Rachel Roof 1808-1846

Hannah Boody 1814=1864

Solomon Casler 1807=1891 (Kesler, Casteler)

More on Boodey’s

I have been researching my branches of the family for more than 12 years and one of them is the BOODY family. I have not been able to locate information to link the family to their correct birthplace in Germany.

For that reason I am sending you information regarding this family. If any of it fits yours, please let me know. I think over the past years, others may have written to you.

Nicolas BOODY, b. 1754. according to census records Germany. He lived near Westernville, NY. In 1837 and at the age of 85, he moved with his wife and children (adults with their own children) to Eaton County Michigan. They were all Germany speaking folks. I am descended from Nicholas’s son Nicholas, JR. One of Nicholas Sr;s sons became somewhat prominent in the Mohawk, NY valley for his unusual scuptures and collections. This was Jacob, 1803-1864. He did all sorts of odd things there and had several articles in the newspaper about his deeds. The rest of the family was already gone to Michigan and he was the only one left there. This was very strange.

I have a lot of information on the children of Nicholas Sr.,above, but he is difficult to place before he was living in NY. Some think he was one of the Palatine Germans since he lived in a large area of Germans in NY. Since he came much later then the original Palatines, who arrived 1710-1720, and he was born in Germany 1754, I think this hypothesis is wrong.

In my searches I have tried to locate various spellings of the name, since BOODY is not a German name. I believe the most likely would have been BUDDE, although I have tried Boodey, Boodt, Booden, Boothe, Boude, and others. The family was non Catholic. Earlier they were Reformed Lutheran and later were Methodist, but in the US it was logical for families to attend whichever church was built, since there were very few churches in the wilderness. There is another branch of BOODEYs in New England, but these are apparently French in origin.

In short, is there any mention of a group of Buddes to America much earlier in your information? Usually I have found the German records to be pretty good about recording emigrants.

Thank you, Gerry Meier St. Louis, Missouri gjmeier@earthlink.net

Boody family in the USA

I know of a Heinrich Conrad Budde born 1827 in Graben near the Village of Eschenbruch, Parish of Bloomberg not far from Lippe, Betmold. He was the 3rd child and 1st son of Jurgen (George) Budde and his 2nd wife Sophie Louise Muss. George emigrated to Illionis, USA in 1848. I have a little more info on this family in you are interested.

Also, have you by chance ever run across a Nicholas Boody and his wife Margaret. He was born ( ) Germany abt 1754 and had emigrated to NY, USA by the 1790’s. This family finally settled in MI., USA. Having trouble finding when and how they emigrated.

Any help or ideas welcome. Hope to hear from you. Thanks Sharon

Charles Boody

I hope this reaches you, as you are right now, my only hope for answering a question…

My family branches from a CHARLES BOODY (I have seen it spelled BUDDE) Charles came to america at the age of 19, but I dont know from where…Born in Hanover (although many references to Lippe Detmold too) about: January 12, 1835 Married a Sara Rousseau 10-27-1860, and died in Iowa around 1922.

I’m trying to extend the family “branch” back farther to Germany…acording to the history of Hardin Co. (Iowa) Charles says his Fathers name was FREDRICK (Budde) BOODY no birth date, but died in Germany around 1838.

Charles Mother, is suppose to of been a DORETTA FREDRICKS, whom also lived and died in Germany around 1872.

I’m sure you get TONS of requests for information, but I’ve reached a dead end with FREDRICK & DORETTA, and would appreciate ANY leads or information you can give me. Thank you so very much for your time and reply. Stacey


William Budde from Prussia?

My name is Thomas J. Budde and I live in Belleville, IL, United States.

I have done some research on my family and cannot get my Great Grandfather (William Budde) back to Germany. All I know it states Prussia.

My wife and I have a web site with most of our information. (www.genealogy.com/users/b/u/d/Mary-Ellen-Budde/)

The Budde’s have been very difficult for us.


Thomas J. Budde

19 Kniepkamp Place

Belleville, Illinois 62221 USA


Hello Again!

We thought our William Budde was a dead end, but you have given us new hope. Now that we have had time to think about it there might be some information helpful to you. Tom’s Great Grandfather was born about 1840 and the only information we have is that he was from Prussia. We do not know when he came to the USA, or if he came alone. We do know he married Louise Mazander on May 30, 1870 in St. Louis, MO, USA. He had five children and he and his wife Louise left here and went to Arkansas 1885 and there had two more children. Louise died in Arkansas in 1889 and he took the two little boys back to St. Clair Co. IL and left them with Louise’s relatives. From there we don’t know what happened to him. As far as we know we do not know of any living relatives that know the answer to his disappearance. Tom’s Grandfather Edward Budde ( William’s son) died in the 1918 flue epidemic so our best source was gone before we were born. My Grandmother, Edward’s wife did not seem to know anything about her father-in-law.

There are other Budde families in New Minden, Washington Co. IL. but we cannot connect them to our family. There was a Ernest Budde in New Minden that ran a hotel and Buddes buried in the New Minden Lutheran Church Cemetery.

Frances Henry Budde (a catholic priest ordained in Holland) was in St. Clair Co. in about 1883. He was a pastor in our Belleville, IL. St. Clair Co. IL. Cathedral. He started schools here and must have done some other things in this area. We do have a photo of this priest from a book.

There also was a farming family in Caseyville, St. Clair Co. IL. and they are buried in St. Phillips Catholic Church cemetery, again no connection.

In Germantown, Washington, Co. IL. there is also a family with many ancestors but again we cannot connect them to our family.

Our son works for Deutcha Bank (cannot spell correctly the German Bank) in St. Louis, Mo. and he said on his list of employees in Germany there are many Buddes.

This is supposed to be one of the largest Banks in the world. We think our Buddes were of the Catholic Faith, but we also found many Buddes in the German Lutheran records at the Mormons Record Bank which is a very good place of information in the United States.

I just can’t think of any other way to give you information except my web site which only basically goes forward in the United States..

Tom looked up the places that are listed in your information and any of those places could be the origin of William Budde except for the Royalty. He was a farmer and mostly a coal miner in the United States. We think that is why he went to Ark. to find work in the mines.

There is a man in Germany that does exclusive research about German’s to St. Clair Co. IL. and his name is Roland Paul, and we have been in contact with a man named Otmar Allendorf (VHS@Paderborn.de

Sorry we cannot be of more help to you, maybe someday we will find some clue to finding this elusive William Budde.

Sincerely the Belleville St. Clair Co. IL. Buddes

19 Kniepkamp Place

Belleville, Illinois 62221 USA

Johann Heinrich Budde Ohio

Johannes Henrich Budde from Garrel, Oldenburg was married to Gesina Maria Neuhaus in the late 1700’s. Their son, Johannes Heinrich Budde, emigrated to Ohio in the 1830s. He married in Ohio. mwilson1@hughes.net


Buddeke’s in America

Here are my BUDDEKEs starting with the oldest:

Johan Heinrich BUDDEKE, b ?, Germany; m 1774 Ankum, Neiderschasen, Germany.

wife. Anna Catherina Getrud TAGGENBROCK, b ?, Germany.

Son. Johan Henrich BUDDEKE, b 1775, Ankum; m 1814, Ankum.

wife. Anna Maria Catherina HARTLAGE, b 1792 Ankum; d 1844 Holten.

Daughter. Anna Maria Getrud BUDDEKE, b 1816 Holten; d 1882, Holten.

Do you see any links?

Jim Rettig

Heppenheim>Cincinnati, Ohio USA


Buddes in the American Civil War 1861 – 1865

Around 1863 the Union started a campaign in Germany to recruit volunteers to fight on their side in the Civil War. For this purpose a Julian Allen was send to Germany.

The scheme was illegal and arrests were made soon after the affair (the ‘volunteers’ had of course already gone by that time). By signing up as “labourer” they signed on as a war volunteer. This allowed these men to immigrate for free to the USA. They also received 100 gulden on arrival.

They had to sign on for a minimum of 3 years and received a monthly pay between $12 and $16, plus free meals and accommodation. They furthermore would receive a grant of $100 at then end of the 3 years or 100 morgen land and American Citizenship.

Between 26 March and 16 September most probably 7 ships landed in Portland and Boston with a total of 1077 illegally emigrants. Some of the ships they arrived on were: Bellona (432 men), Garland (247 men), Peter Godeffroy (224 men)..

At that period of time the main action took place at Petersburg, Virginia, the Union had heavy losses here and most of the German recruits ended up as fresh troops in this war scene.

A large number of Buddes immigrated to the USA in the 1860. However, the list provided by German historian Dietmar Moller in an article in the Niederdeutsche Familienkunde (3/2005) on this illegal campaign doesn’t mention any Budde’s.

The list of Budde’s involved in the Civil War listed below comes from the American National Parks Service (www.itd.nps.gov)

Soldier Name Side Function Regiment Name
Budde, August Union Infantry 51st Regiment, Missouri Infantry
Budde, August Union Infantry 52nd Regiment, Missouri Infantry
Budde, Bennett Union Infantry 5th Regiment, Minnesota Infantry
Budde, Frank Union Infantry 5th Regiment, Iowa Infantry
Budde, Frank Union 2nd Battalion, Veteran Reserve Corps
Budde, Frederick Union Artillery 6th Regiment, New York Heavy Artillery
Budde, Frederick Union Artillery 13th Regiment, New York Heavy Artillery
Budde, Frederick Union Infantry 5th Regiment, US Reserve Corps, Missouri Infantry (3 months, 1861)
Budde, Fredrick Union Infantry 17th Regiment, US Infantry (Regular Army)
Budde, Fredrick Union Infantry 35th Regiment, US Infantry (Regular Army)
Budde, Henry Union Infantry 5th Regiment, Iowa Infantry
Budde, Henry Union Infantry 4th Regiment, US Reserve Corps, Missouri Infantry (3 months, 1861)
Budde, Henry Confederate Artillery 4th Field Battery, Texas Light Artillery (Van Dorn’s)
Budde, Henry Union Cavalry 14th Regiment, New York Cavalry
Budde, Herman Union Infantry 4th Regiment, US Reserve Corps, Missouri Infantry (3 months, 1861)
Budde, John G Union Infantry 28th Regiment, Wisconsin Infantry
Budde, Louis Confederate Artillery 4th Battalion, Texas Artillery (Shea’s)
Budde, Louis Confederate Infantry 8th Regiment, Texas Infantry (Hobby’s)
Budde, William Union Cavalry 2nd Regiment, Iowa Cavalry
Budde, William Union Infantry 5th Regiment, Michigan Infantry


Julius Emanuel Budde – Australia

The following information was provided by Paul Buddee in Willetton, Western Australia to Joanna Buddee in Ball Creek Western Australia in March 1987.

The family was founded in Australia some time after 1838 and certainly before 1848 by Julius Emanuel Budde Professor of Music. He had been a tutor at the royal Household in Berlin but had to leave the country suddenly with his family when it was disclosed that he was a member of the Young socialist Party. He went first to Tasmania where your great grandfather Frederick William Julius Buddee was born on the 20 December 1856 to Julius Emanuel Buddee and Elise Buddee formerly Shroder. He gave his rank or profession as “Gentleman.” I hold a copy of the Birth Certificate.

This is the first indication that the Professor had added an extra ‘e’ to the name and this is the only place in the world where this name exists and few beat it – about five or six in NS.W., a family in Melbourne, your family, my son and grandson Thomas and myself. My father told me that the name used to have an acute accent over the “e” and this could be true as Heraldic arms show the name BUDDE indicating the name in many other countries other than Germany – there are five different coats of arms plus others BUDE including one branch from Isle de France budde – with the acute accent. This comes from Isle de France where the great 16th century Bude lived.

My father used to relate that the family was of Huguenot origin which escaped to the north to the Protestants, during the religious wars. This is indicated by two of the Coat of arms, which, while in the same form have different colours in certain parts, showing the transition from one country to another.

Your maternal Great- Great- Grandparents were Sara Richards (1851-1937) born in England, who married Thomas Richards of Edinburgh later well to do land holders in Victoria. He was a fine musician too. Their only daughter Amelia Richards (1870-1943) married the son of Professor Julius in 1886 and my father was born in the same year being the eldest of 11 children.

The family came to W.A. about 1898. Julius (junior) was a Land Agent.

I have never kept in touch with members of the family though there are numerous cousins living in this district. I did however have great regard for your immediate grand parents Fred and Jean (Bennett). Uncle Fred was a very dear man married to a most beautiful woman Jean who was a wonderful pianist. The war and my country service never allowed much contact particularly the fact that there is an age difference of 27 years between your father and me, but I have been very gratified over the years to hear how well he is regarded by all who know him for his ability and kindliness.


Mary Theresa Marshall (b. 14 May 1958) x Peter Budde

Mary Theresa Marshall (daughter of John Henry Richard Marshall and Kathleen Theresa Parsell) was born 14 May 1958 in Wagga Wagga, NSW. Australia..She married Peter Budde on 21 July 1979 in Melbourne, Vic. Australia..
More About Mary Theresa Marshall and Peter Budde:
Marriage: 21 July 1979, Melbourne, Vic. Australia..
Children of Mary Theresa Marshall and Peter Budde are:

i.Grant Budde, b. 28 June 1982.

ii.Alison Budde, b. 15 January 1985.

iii.Brendan Budde, b. 20 September 1991.

iv.Matthew Budde, b. 5 April 1994.

v.Sophie Budde, b. 17 June 2000.

vi.Ruby Grace Budde, b. 31 December 2001.