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Adolf Budde – Finland

My name is Panu Koskinen. But my real aftername is Budde. My fathers name is Gunther budde and my grandfather is Adolf Budde birth 11.09.1909 and died 17.12.1943.

This is everything what i know .

Are we the same Budde family.

My email addres is panu.koskinen@nette.fi

Panu Koskinen


Buddes in Sweden

Hello Paul!

My name is Linda Budde.

I live in Sweden and I would like to find out more about my familyname.

Perhaps you would like to help me with that…

Are we related?

My mothers name was Lillian Budde (she past away in 1993 at age 41) and her fathers name was Winter Budde. He grew up in Jylland, Denmark. He later met my grandmother and moved to Sweden and many years later I was born.

I have been reading about the name Budde at http://www.budde.com.au/budde and I found it very interesting to find out more…

Am I one of you?

I would be so very happy to hear from you!

Linda Budde Sweden linda.budde@semera.se

Buddes in Denmark

Hi Paul,

The internet is a fantastic thing…I am a female Danish Budde who have just

downloaded “The history of the Budde family”, and I look forward to read it.

Perhaps I can find something.. All I know is that my great-grandfather’s

name was Adolf Wilhelm Budde and he lived in Elsinore, Denmark, and in my

family the saying goes, that he was the son of one of the German farmers,

who brought the potatoes to Denmark – in the middle of the 18 th. century.

The German “potatofarmers” settled in Vejlby-Risskov near Aarhus in Jutland. May I write again if I find further information? Kind regards, Lis Budde lisbudde@hotmail.com

Buddes in Finland

I have an ancestor Gabriel Budde who lived here in Finland 1701-1714.

Have you got any further information about the origin of the Budde family?

In the book Genealogisches Handbook der baltischen Ritterschaften is said:

“Das Geschlecht Budde soll aus Pommern stammen und Schon 1312 auf Ruegen

besitzlich gewesen sein.”

Do you know any meaning for the word Budde? Does it perhaps come from the word Bodden?

Jons Budde did´nt write in the Finnish language but he translated texts from Latin to

Schwedish. The first book in the Finnish language was Mikael Agricola´s ABC-book

in the year 1543.

Yours truly

Pekka Sillanpaa

Satamakatu 3 A 9, 33200 Tampere, Finland

Buddes in Russian (?????)

preliminary research

Before the beginning of the 18th century, no titles were granted to foreigners by Russian Sovereigns, Peter the Great , the founder of Modern Russia was the first to grant the titles of Prince, Count and Baron of the Russian Empire. The first title Prince was granted by Peter on the 30th May 1707.

There is a Baron Johann (Ivan Ivanovich) Mestmacher-Budde who lived from 1733 till 1805. He is most probably from German descend and mentioned as a Russian diplomat at the Prince-Bishop at Lubeck. He received the title baron from Empress Catherine II on the 6th June 1777, In a separate document dated 3rd July 1779 the same title was given to all descendants of Johann Mestmacher-Budde. The last known descendent is Baron Paul Pavlovich Budde, he died childless. This was again confirmed in a document dated 21 August 1816.

The title and the coat of arms are by imperial decree transferred on the 1st December 1902 to Victor Victorovich Budde, nephew of Paul Pavlovich

The information on this branch of the family states that this Budde family originates from Finland.

Budde in Russian is ?????

Yevgenii Fiodorovich Budde

Bornon 25.12.1859. Died on 05.04.1929. Linguist-Slavonic scholar. Corresponding Member of the Division of Russian Language and Philology since 03.12.1916. http://hp.iitp.ru/eng/03/0385.htm

Hello Paul,

When I first contacted you I mentioned a Russian line to the Budde family. I have now found the respective documentation back- it comes from a book of Russian nobility. Allthough a direct link to either myself or to your branch is not apparent it is a fun piece of information. Should you yourself or anyone in your immediate vicinity not be able to translate the French give me a shout.

I will also fax references to the von Buddes (they are actually mentioned in the German register of titled families). At the moment I cannot do much with it, but as you already have contacts in Germany it might open a door again into a new and interesting area of our past.

Best regards and have a nice weekend.

Elisabeth Budde

Brussels (Belgium)