As Denmark and Norway had been in a personal union since 1380, it comes as no surprise that these Buddes are found in both Denmark and Norway.

Halden, Trondheim

An interesting member of the Budde family has been Major General Vincentz Budde. He was born December 31 1660 in Frederikshald (today Halden) in Norway as the son of Colonel (and commandant of Frederiksten castle) Frederik Otto Budde and his wife Ida Sophia Bildt (see Estonia). In 1684 he was promoted to lieutenant of a Norwegian dragoon regiment and to captain (Hauptmann) at that same regiment in 1688. He resigned from the Norwegian army in 1689 to take service in foreign armies.

In 1702 he was employed as Major in a Danish mercenary regiment in service of the Emperor. He participated in a campaign in Italy. In 1703 he was promoted to General Major. However, in that same year he resigned and moved back to Norway where he was again employed as an officer of the Norwegian army with the title Lieutenant Colonel (Oberstleutnant) of the Northern Dragoon Regiment.

On April 12, 1710 he was promoted to Colonel and commander of the Trondheim National Infantry Regiment, in 1711 promoted to the rank of brigadier. In February 1713 his regiment was transported from Trondheim to Denmark, and for the next three years he led his regiments in campaigns in North-Germany, including the capture of Tönning, the landing on Rügen and the siege and capture of Stralsund.

After the Swedes had attacked Norway in February 1716, his regiment was shipped back from Denmark to Frederikstad in Norway in early April 1716. He then led the successful attack on the Swedish forces in Moss. In November 1716 Budde was promoted to Major General, and was commandant of Frederikstad fortress. In March 1718 he became commandant of the defence of Middle- and North Norway. He then led the defence against the Swedish attack on the Trondheim region, from August-to December 1718, in which most of the Swedish army led by General Armfeldt perished. He was made a knight of the order of Dannebrog in 1721. He died on April 13, 1729. He was married to Armgard Margrethe Gabel in 1718. (Source/translation Per B. Lilje)

The last known Budde from this branch (decedents of Frederik Otto Budde) lived in Trondheim and was mentioned in 1776.


I see you have a note that there are no descendents after the adelige familie Budde on the male side in Norway since 1766, but now I found one Albert Christoper Budde( 1762-1811) son of the pastor in Hevne, Norway, who used the adelige vaapen of the Budde family.




There is another Budde branch in Norway. But this branch has no relationship with the Buddes that arrived from Denmark. This branch was called Budaeus (lat.) (Budæus) or Bude, and it seems to be a line of vicars/priests.

Steen Thomsen added some interesting info to this. Members of this family have been written autobiographies since ca 1644. There coat of arms was a maternal line Darre. After ca 1800 (when the noble family was reported as died out) many of the Bude’s spelled themselves as Budde, they used the coasts of arms with the unicorn and the checkers and regarded themselv4es as a branch of the noble family, they even managed to marry into real nobility.


So far I have only one more reference in a ‘note’ regarding the Buddes in Norway.

“It should be noted that Hille Kristoffersdatter, in the Tjeldsund bygdebok, is named Helle Kristoffersdatter Budde/Bye and died in Aug. 1774, at the age of 85.”

In rural parts of Norway they maintain a “bygdebok” – a book that talks about the farms in the community (bygd) and the persons/families that have live there. It means, “community-book”. There is also the “bybøker”, meaning the books of the towns (by).

There is a Christopher Bude who theoretically (and chronologically) might be her father.


Around 1930, descendants of the Danish (noble) branch of the family were still living in Norway and Belgium (source: Nicolai von Essen (Verf.) Genealogisches Handbuch der Oeselschen Ritterschaft. Tartu 1935 (2nd edition – Hannover-Doehren 1971), p. 468-471, 687.

This reference refers to a letter from the Finnish ambassador in Argentina who does not give any details. Most likely he refers to the Bude family.

Christopher Frederik Budde

I am distantly related to you by being as you one of the many direct descendants of Christopher Frederik Budde (1725-95)
and this fascinating part of my ancestor tree with its many naval heroes has lead me to representing a lot of it on Geni as a hobby since 2007 as well as digging some of it up myself.

The last days I found some beautiful photographs of some other Buddes that I added to the tree, and one of these is your near ancestor, Magda Budde Utne :

The following links in to that.

Odd-Wiking Rahlff, Oslo, Norway

Norwegian Buddes in Argentina

My great grandmother was Magda Budde and she came from Norway to Argentina with my great-grandfather Finn Utne, they had 2 boys Olaf and Arne and 1 girl Inger. My grandfather is Arne Budde Utne he is 75 years old and he lives in Buenos Aires – Argentina.

My mothers grandfather was Jean Adolf Budde, his son (Magda’s father) was Ole Cristobal Budde he was married to Inga Karen Kahrs.

Magda’s husbands parents were Amund Harboe Hertz Utne and Otila Catalina Schreuder.

Josefina Tellería