Germany – Nordrhein Westfalen


Gertrud Budden marries around 1625 Heinz Graes, the mayor of Arnberg. Her son was Friedrich Graes baptised on 19 March 1628 (mentioned in Paderborner Inschriften Wappen und Hausmarken – Paderborn MCMLVII – Paul Michels).


Anna Angela Budde * ? + 3.2.1793 Barkhausen oo Weiberg/Büren, Westfalen 25.11.1784 with Johann Ferdinand Jodocus Henneböhl *5.9.1755 Barkhausen (some ofa them emigrated to America)


Around 1366 a Mathildis Budde-Drantum lived in Bielefeld. She was first married with N.N. Top and than second marriage with mayor H. K. Keselinch.

A clear indication that she belonged to the Budde family in Dranthum.


There are Buddes in the Military Church Books Wedel/Bielefeld

Source: Family Search IGI Batch No. M981401 and K or J981401

Source: Emigration lists of Westphalia. Band (vol.) 38/39 Beiträge zur Westfälischen Familienforschung 1980-1981 II. Heimliche Auswanderungen (left without permission, secretly):

  • Herm. Heinrich BUDDE aus Bielefeld, Zigarrenmacher (cigar manufacturer.) Emigration 1852 >Nordamerika
  • M.Wilhelmine BUDDE aus Bielefeld Emigration 1854 Nordamerika


My great great grandfather emigrated from Borken Germany to Pittsburgh PA in 1843.   Last November (2018) I made a trip to Borken and met with the church archivist at St. Remegius Catholic Church.  I found evidence of Buddes back to the mid 18th century in the district of Wirthe.  The family were Kotters governed by the Graf of Gemen.  Henricus, Gerardus (gerardhus) and Hermannus are common names among my ancestors.

It is possible my family may have a connection to the Nijmegen/Deventer Buddes. This is largely speculation but family lore indicates 5 siblings stayed behind in Germany and the two oldest sons opened a brewery in Holland.  There were three daughters who would have married as well

Phil Budde

Brechten Dortmund

Source: Wilhem Jurgen Budde Dortmund

Brechten Map
Brechten Map

This branch of the Budde family first appeared in the 12th and 13th centuries as “vom Buddenhof” north of the city Dortmund in a town called Brechten. In those days it was usual that distantly related people and head servants would be called “the person from Buddenhof” after a long period of time.

The Buddenhof family became wealthy and powerful. They had privileges from the Prince of Dortmund. At that tame, they grew overconfident and attacked the Count of Dortmund. They were annihilated in battle and the military power and ramparts of the Buddenhof were destroyed. Some of the inhabitants stayed and others moved to other regions. The Buddenhof remained up into the 20th century. The name “Budde” is all that is left.

At the end of the 19th century, the family grew very large, and they were dispersed to many cities in Germany.

Jurgen’s branch of the family lived in Brechten up to 1890, then in Dortmund, and from 1900 in Düsseldorf. One uncle went to Berlin in 1925 in order to go to the university there, but there are no earlier relatives who lived in Berlin. In fact, there is a family crest of arms of the Buddenhof which is still under lock and key with one of Tara’s aunts.

During the National Socialist period, it was necessary for German families to research family trees, so I am able to list a few entries here for you:

Heinrich Johan Budde

born: July 8, 1776, in Brechten near Dortmund

profession: farmer

religion: Protestant

Johan Dietrich Budde

born: March 13, 1818 in Brechten/died January 23, 1878, in Brechten

profession: farmer

religion: Protestant

Friedrich Heinrich Budde

born: May 13, 1848 in Brechten

profession: farmer

religion: Protestant

Wilhelm Dietrich Budde

born: August 26, 1874 in Brechten

profession: owner of a construction company

religion: Protestant

Walter Heinrich Budde

born: October 2, 1903 in Düsseldorf

profession: Bauführer / Unternehmer

religion: Protestant

Wilhelm Walter Budde

born: November 21, 1935 in Düsseldorf

profession: road engineer

religion: Catholic

Wilhelm Jürgen Budde

born: October 26, 1961 in Düsseldorf

profession: technical draftsman

religion: Protestant


Wilhelm BUDDE, (approx. 1860-00-00, he was living in Düsseldorf, profession: agent, he moved 1900-05-00 to Angermund, today  Düsseldorf-Angermund,his wife is Anna, they had  2 sons (Wilhelm, Leo (1901-10-00) and a daughter.

His brother Alexander Budde was writing from Mülhausen serveral time,his sister Maria was living in Düsseldorf.

Anna has two brothers in Gelsenkirchen: Wilhelm, Joseph. Anna has also a sister in law also called Anna (had written from Krefeld), but I don’t know … may be is a sister from his husband Wilhelm or a wife from her brother !?

(Wilhelm, Friedrich, Heinrich … these names was very common around 1900, because the emperor was “Wilhelm II”, his father 1888 “Friedrich Wilhelm” and his grandfather “Wilhelm I”; centuries before it was Otto, Heinrich and Konrad.

We also BUDDE in …

  •… write Budde in Nachname AND Düsseldorf in Ort, … to become a member of  the List.

You can find 100 perons called BUDDE living in Düsseldorf or its suburbs (Hamm, Angermund, Kaiserwerth, Obercassel, …).

  • We find groups, but not a person  exception is …
  • It’s a list from Horst A .Wessel from business-reports in 1982.
  • “W. Budde KG, Bahn- und Tiefbau, Düsseldorf. Budde. 1926-1976.
  • Wilhelm Budde, Bahn- und Tiefbaugesellschaft,. Düsseldorf 1976,. 12 S.”
  • Meaning … that yiu can find 12 pages obout the business of Wilhelm Budde.
  • KG is “Kommanditgesellschaft” …


Today Buer ist a part of Gelsenkirchen (Gelsenkirchen-Buer). It is between (west) Gladbeck and (east) Herten; Herten is near by Recklinghausen.

In her family overview of the Buddes from Leer in Ostfriesland, Dr. Ursula Budde mentions a document from 1250 with a reference to ‘miles’ Budde in Buer.


Source: Emigration lists of Westphalia. Erlaubte Auswanderung (with permission)

  • Joh. Heinrich Budde aus Ennigloh Ksp Bünde * abt. 1798 Emigration 1819 (Reg.M. IC Nr. 369)
  • Hern. Heinr. Budde aus Ennigloh Ksp Bünde * 27.5.1830 parents: Herm.Heinr. Budde &, A.M. Elis. Kamphöfener (+) Emigration 1854 Amerika
  • Caspar Heinrich Budde aus Ennigloh Ksp Bünde, Landwehrmann, * ? Emigration bef. 1857
  • Caspar Heinrich Budde aus Ennigloh Ksp Bünde* 26.3.1828 Emigration 1851 Amerik

Source: Peter Dypoldt (

Herman Heinrich Budde married 30 July 1826 to Anne Marie Kamphoefener at Evangelish Buende Westfalen, Preussen. Their children are:

  • Friedrich Wilhelm Budde 26 Apr 1827 to 21 Dec 1906.
  • Herman Henrich Budde born 27 Mar 1830
  • Anna Marie Budde born 1834
  • Casper Heinrich Budde born 20 Nov 1837 (one of the above?).

They all were christened Evangelish Buende Westfalen, Preussen.

Friedrich Wilhelm Budde married Margarete Ilsabein Holtmann 10 May 1824 to 10 May 1891 their daughter is:

Karoline Budde 5 April 1854 to 17 May 1935 married August Kuhweide 7 Aug 1847 to 26 Mar 1941. Their children are:

  • Wilhelm Kuhweide 25 Sep 1878 to 1962
  • August Kuhweide 4 Apr 1880 to 8 Feb 1961
  • Otto Kuhweide 24 Feb 1884 to 29 Jan 1948
  • Elfriede Kuhweide 1885
  • Hugo Kuhweide 8 Aug 1887 to 8 Mar 1950
  • Oskar Kuhweide 12 May 1889 to 1914/1918
  • Helene Kuhweide 1891
  • Malle Kuhweide 1893 to 1914

They were all born in Bochum Langendreer.

Otto Kuhweide 24 Feb 1884 +29 Feb 1948. He marries Emila Budde 15 Feb 1892 +19 Dec 1928 (see below). They had a daughter Sigrid (who is Peter Dypoldt’s mother). Sigrid was born in Bochum Langendreer.

Dietrich Budde married Wilhelmine Wisselmann. Their children are:

  • Emilia Budde
  • Wilhelm Budde


Bernt Schlebbe born on 03-09-1656 in Fuchtorf (formerly Fuchterup, near Greve and Münster) married to Maria Hermans Budde.

Source: Gé du Maine Netherlands (

Maria Hermans Budde was married to my forefather Berndt Schlebbe. Unfortunatelay, she was not named Budde but her last name was Heimans or Heumans.

However, in the village of Füchtorf there was (or still is) a farm called Budde and there were many people with that name.

Source: Vincent Sleebe

Gohfield – Lohne

Heinrich Budde, born around 1590, had a son Hermann in 1619 and a daughter Anna in 1630 who seem to have been born on a farm Joellenbeck 12 near Loehne, Westfalia – no mother was named.

Hermann Budde married twice, on Oct. 30 1652 after the thirty years war in Gohfeld, district of Loehne, with Anna Maria Schwibbe, born around 1623 and buried on Nov. 10 1661. They had three children (Elisabeth bapt. in 1653, died in July 1665; Anna II bapt. in 1655 (no further info) and

Cathrin Elisabeth baptised in 1658 and died in Aug.1665.

When his daughters died, Hermann – after the loss of his 1st wife – remarried on March 12, 1663 to Anna Koch, baptised in Gohfeld on Dec.12, 1638. There were three sons: Johann Otto Budde, bpt. 20.12.1663 Gohfeld no death date given for Johann Otto second son Johann Daniel b 21.01.1666 – buried 29.04.1667 third son Friedrich Budde b 26.02.1668 – buried in April 1673.

Hermann Budde was buried on 06.08.1669 in Gohfeld, his widow Anna (Koch) remarried on 29.11.1670 in Gohfled to Gerdt Schäper (Schaeper), born around 1644, buried 26.03.1721, who followed the rule of adapting the name of his predecessor and landowner BUDDE, so the names of his four children.

Anna Catharina, bapt. 18.01.1671 in the Gohfeld parish church Margreth Ilsabe, bapt. 12.02.1673 in the Gohfeld parish, Johann Gerdt, bapt. 19.05 1674 in the Gohfeld parish and Johann Henrich, bapt. in October ? in Gohfeld and buried 21.04.1741 on the Gohfeld cemetery were BUDDE.

Johann Henrich’s sisters and brother may have died before his marriage to Anna Elisabeth Nolting (born Gohfeld 22.06.1681-died 28.05.1741) on 04.11.1700 in Gohfeld. They had 8 children:

  • Johann Alerd in 1702,
  • Johann Juergen in 1704,
  • Johann Gerd 1707-1731 unwed,
  • Margretha Elisabeth 1709, she became a mother in 1737;
  • Marie Cathrin 1712,
  • Johann Christian 1715,
  • Anna Margretha Catharina 1719 and
  • Johann Heinrich. bapt 20.09.1722 Gohfeld,

Johann Heinrich died on 17.04.1766 on his farm in Jöllenbeck. He married three times and had three children in his first marriage, (Gohfeld 10.09.1741 to Anne Marie Ilsabein Rasche – 1724-1749). Their son Tönnnies (Toennies from Antonius) Heinrich Budde married and adapted the name of SIELER.

In his 2nd marriage (27.07.1749 Gohfeld) he married Dorothea Agnesa Markmann he had 3 shortliving sons and one shortliving daughter. In his 3rd marriage (07.05.1758 Gohfeld) he married a niece (daughter of his sister Margretha Elisabeth <1709>), by the name of Franziska Markmann, bpt. 06.08.1737 Gohfeld – buried 19.01.1793 in Gohfeld after remarrying a Johann Friedrich Mülke.

The 2 daughters of her 1st marriage Anna Margretha Elisabeth Budde (bapt 29.02.1760 Gohf/ + 17.04.1770) and Catharina Maria Charlotte (bapt 01.04.1763 Gohf/ bur 20.12.1765) had died,

However, Johann Friedrich Mülke, born around 1741 in Volmerdingsen who died on the Jöllenbeck farm on 15.05.1784, sired 5 little Buddes in 1767 Johann Carl Friedrich – no further info 18.10.1769 Jöllenbeck, bpt Gohfeld to + 17.02 1830 Jöllenbeck, b Gohfeld was Johann Peter Budde, who married twice: once in 1790 (6 children) and once in 1804 or 1805 after his 1st wife had died in March 1804. He had 7 children between Sept 1805 and Aug 1819.

(Source Jürgen Dost, Ammersbek)


Henricus Budde, born in 1658 in Hamm, moved to Deventer (Netherlands) in 1687.

See also:

We have some BUDDE was living in or coming from (Düsseldorf-)Hamm; in the west of Düsseldorf-Unterbilk.

For example

Budde Joseph Küster und Organist (i.R.) in Hamm, Hamm 103 [A1889]; Ehrenm 1853-08-02 Düsseldorf 1928-09-21

Hamm 103 mean …103 is the number of the house in (Düsseldorf-)Hamm; you can it in the adress book 1889 [A1889] of Düsseldorf.
His son Josef was born in Hamm. 😉

Budde Josef Mitgl. der St. Sebastianus-Schützenbruderschaft Hamm; 3 Kind 1894-11-03 Hamm 1978-09-09


Source: Emigration lists of Westphalia. Band (vol.) 38/39 Beiträge zur Westfälischen Familienforschung 1980-1981 II. Heimliche Auswanderungen (without permission, secretly):

  • Joh. Fr. W. Titkemeyer
    aus Heddinghausen Ksp Holzhausen, Ackersmann (farmer) *7.1.1818 with his wife Cath. M. BUDDE * 7.4.1821, Dünne and children: Fr. Wilhelm 28.7.1862, Cath. M. Luise 1.11.1864.Emigration 1881 >Nordamerika

I have more Budde in Obermarsberg in the “Obermarsberger Stammtafeln 17./18. Jh. (from Libor Tegethoff). Beginning with Johann Budde (shoemaker, servant) * Heddinghausen/Westphalia) – abt. 7 km from Obermarsberg) + 1685 Obermarsberg oo abt.1651 NN oo abt.1677 Elis. Kuemmel


1. Kord (Konrad * abt.1655/1660

Johann Christoph * 31.3.1678

Eva * 11.2.1680

Anna Sybilla Margarete * 29.10.1681

Anna Angela * 18.12.1683

Hartmann * 5.3.1685

Children to 1)

Johannes 1684


Anna Elisabeth

Jodokus Heinrich

Hermann * 27.6.1693

Children from Hermann:

Johann Heirich

Maria Katharina

Andreas * 18.12.1727

Johann Philipp

Anna Maria Elisabeth

Anton Meinolf


Children from Andreas:

Katharina Elisabeth

Johann Philipp * 13.9.1755 : Chiildren: Franz Josef 1774, Johann Martin 1781 Johann Wilhelm Johann Martin * 1759: Children: Anna Maria Elisabeth, Katharina Gertrud,

Anna Maria Helene, Meinolf Anton, Johann

Friedrich, Johann Franz Benedikt

Anna Maria Elisabeth

Maria Theresia

Johann Heinrich

Anna Elisabeth

Anna Kath. Maria Magdalena

Anna Maria Gertrud

Johann Franz

Ingrid Gottschalk


Source: Budde in Emigration lists of Westphalia. Erlaubte Auswanderung (with permission):

  • Hermann Heinrich Budde aus (from) Elverdissen Ksp. (parish) Herford, Heuerling (hired man) * 7.6.1828, Herringhausen with his wife Friedrike Wilhelmine Weitkamp *11.1.1832 and children Johanne Friederike Louise *24.8.1860, Heinr. August *2.3.1863, Hermann Heinrich *19.1.1866, A.M. Louise *11.8.1868 —Emigration: 1882 -> Nordamerika
  • Christian Heinrich Budde aus Elverdissen Ksp Herford, Heuerling,*19.6.1822, Oetinghausen with his wife; Hanne Christine Rolf * 30.8.1838 in Enger and children: Jobst Ernst W. *23.2.1874, Hermann Heinrich * 1.12.1875, Joh. Heinrich *1.2.1879 Emigration 1882 -> Nordamerika
  • Johann Heinrich Budde aus Altstädter Feldmark Ksp Herford, Maurer (bricklayer) * 16.10.1846, Herringhausen his wife A.M. Ilsabein Weitkamp (sister of Friedrike Weitkamp?) * 16.4.1847, Eickum and children: Karoline -friederike 2.4.1872, A. Christ. Friederike 8.5.1878, August Heinrich 1.3.1881 Emigration : 1882 -> Nordamerika
  • Fr. Budde aus Herford, Kaufmann, (merchant) 25 years old, Emigration 1885 >Nordamerika, reist mit Pass (travelling with his passport).

Source: Emigration lists of Westphalia. Band (vol.) 38/39 Beiträge zur Westfälischen Familienforschung 1980-1981 II. Heimliche Auswanderungen (without permission, secretly):

  • Fr. Ernst BUDDE aus Herford * 5.11.1840 parents: Anton Ernst Budde & Henriette Potthorst Emigration before 1863 ( missed with his parents)
  • Heinrich Budde aus Herford * 26.8.1820 Emigration 1855
  • Heinrich BUDDE aus Herford, Landwehrmann (sort of soldier), * ? Emigration  bef. 1857.


Everhard Budde is mentioned as a pupil in the Gymnasium Josephinum zu Hildesheim. Nomenclatur studiosorum 1595-1699 “Everhard Budde, Sunderensis, ad syntax., 1665 X 19”

Kleve (Amsterdam, Drachten, Brussels)

Ferdinand Budde (born 29/10/1828). He moves to Amsterdam and marries in 1828 Anna Elisabeth Charlotte Stodieck. They had five sones (Ferdinand, August, Carl, George and Wilhelm. Georg Budde was born on 7/7/1867. His son Georg Wilhelm Ferdinand Budde was born on 17/12/1892 in Amsterdam. His son is Hans Wiemer Budde, who in 2002 lives in Drachten.

Georg Wilhelm also had a daughter Anna Christina Geertruida Budde, her daughter Hermanna (Mans) S. Greeven moved to Australia where I met her in the 1980s.

Carl Budde married Cornelia Mann (from the Mann-Bouwmeester theatrical family). Their son Karel Hendrik Frederik Budde is the grandfather of Elizabeth Budde (1950) who now lives in Brussels.

I have been corresponding with Hans and Elisabeth separately and through this they made contact with each other in 2001.

Elisabeth’s brother Karel (1935) lives in Den Helder and his sister Heleen Budde (half-sister of Elisabeth) also lives like Hans in Friesland. Karel has two sons Karel (1960) and John (1964). Elisabeth has one son Daniel (1987)

Methler, Kamen, Westick , Wickede.

Meine Vorfahren stammen aus Methler b. Kamen, Westick u. Wickede.


Johann Caspar Heinrich Budde, geb. 14.10.1798 in Niederaden, j. Lünen, get. 21.10.1798 in Methler, j. Kamen


Johann Wilhelm Christoph ( Christoffer ) Budde, Brinksitzer, Leineweber

geb. 1756/57 in Methler, jetzt Kamen

gest. 24.09.1833 in Niederaden, jetzt Lünen (hinterläßt 4 majorenne Kinder)

vh. 01.10.1780 in Methler mit

Anna Catharina Elisabeth Overmann

geb. 1751 in Wickede, j. Dortmund

gest. 01.12.1837 in Methler-Paschheide (hinterläßt 3 majorenne Kinder)


Johann Gottfried Henrich Budde, Brinksitzer, Leineweber, ev.-luth.

get. 23.11.1704 in Methler

gest 20.08.1781 in Methler

I. vh vor 1741 in mit

Anna Catharina Konemann ( Könemann, Münnemann )

geb. 1691 in

begr. 02.03.1751 in Methler

II. vh.. 30.05.1752 in Methler mit

Anna Elsabena Dieckheuer

get. 23.10.1714 in Methler, geb. in Westick ( oder 02.03.1721 )

gest. 25.01.1775 in Methler ( 56 Jahre )

More information

Der alte Budde

bg.21.12.1707 Methler

oo v. 1680?

Marg. N. N.

* 1645

bg.20.8.1727 Methler

Peter Budde



oo v. 1704?




Gottfr. Henr. Budde

Leineweber in Methler

gt.23.11.1704 Methler

+20.08.1781 Methler

I.oo v. 1741

Anna Cath. Könemann

* 1691

bg.2.3.1751 Methler

II.oo30.05.1752 Methler

Anna Elsab. Dieckheuer

* in Kamen-Westick

gt.02.03.1721 Methler

+25.01.1775 Methler

Joh. Diedr. Budde

Leineweber in Methler

gt.17.04.1753 Methler

+05.04.1821 Methler

oo11.06.1773 Methler

Anna Elis. Behle

* 1746 Lünern

+22.03.1830 Methler

Eva Holtkamp


The following comes from a supplement of the citizen book of Münster in Westphalia Band (Volume) 41 – 1983 Beiträge zur Westf. Familienforschung. New citizen between June 1601 and January 1606 :

Maria Budde

(hic nata) “born in Münster” sola et pauper, single and poor. Iurat ( testify) from Henrich Gadt and Jobst zur Straten

On the other side of the coin, the register of goldsmiths in Münster also lists several Buddes.

Joan Heinrich Budde became a Master on 15th June 1723. He was elected Guilt Master at several occasions: 1727 – 1730, 1743, and 1758. He died in office as a councilor of the city of M Münster on 7 March 1765. His widow was mentioned as the owner of House 87, leased by Martini-Laischaft. Joan’s parents were Berndt Budde and Clara Elisabeth Scapmann.

Christian Heinrich Budde became a Master on 20 October 1727. He was a Guild master in 1763/1764 and 1770/1773. Died on 6 April (?) 1773. His parents were Franz Wilhelm Budde and Anna Maria Butt.

Bernhard Wilhelm Budde, born approx 1732, sun of Christian. Became Master on 9 August (?) 1763. He died in office, as a councilor of the goldsmith guild, on 24 December 1805. He left behind a adult daughter with granddaughters

Source: Manfred Emmel Menden , Sauerland –


Information provided by Ingrid Gottschalk

A Mathias Budde is mentioned in Paderborn in approx 1620. A family history starts with Liborius from ca.1730 (Marktkirche archive).

Paul Michels mentions in his book: Paderborner Inschriften Wappen und Hausmarken a Budde property in 1723 at Grube street 12. In 1726 the old house number was 72 and mentioned as the property of Hofrat Budde. The house was destructed during WWII; all what was left was an inscription stone, above the chimney door, with the date 1723. The last known owner was an Mlynek.

In the archives of the count of Westphalen there is document (C 1276 – covering the period: June 1 – November 11th 1785) that mentions a report from Rentmeister Gerhard Budden at Dringenberg to the administrator a Mr. Lax to fix a date for the visit to the scene (it is unknown what this refers to). Dringenberg was the Oberamt (mayor administration) for this region. Gerhard was first a Knecht or famulus, later on he became Rentmeister, and was an Amtmann (official) to the Edelherrn (nobleman) of Lippe.

Dringelborg was a castle within the boundaries of the village of Dringenberg, owned by the noble family von Dringenberg. Dringenberg is situated in the archbishopric of Paderborn.

Source: Stadt Borgentreich 1280 – 1980 (published 1980)

There are also links between the Budde nobles from Osnabrück and Paderborn.

No. 380 page 169: year 1305 June 3; Osnabrück

No. 411 page 185: year 1305 November 3 or 10

No. 985 page 458: year 1312, April 2.

Source: Emigration lists of Westphalia. Band (vol.) 38/39 Beiträge zur Westfälischen Familienforschung 1980-1981 II. Heimliche Auswanderungen (without permission, secretly):

  • W. Budde aus Paderborn, Schuhmachergeselle (shoemaker appr.) * 1839. Emigration 1857 Schweiz (Swiss) Waldenburg
  • Heinr. Honsel aus Paderborn * 22.6.1853 parents: Ludwig Honsel & Magdalene Budde. (his mother was going with him. Emigration abt. 1868/69 Amerika
  • Fr.W. Budde aus Häger ,Ksp Werther * 15.4.1832 parents: Herm. Heinr. Budde (+) & Cath. M. Hülskötter Emigration 1852 Amerika.
  • Heinrich BUDDE aus Paderborn * 19.11.1822 before 1851

Johann Budde – 1677

Johann Budde had a farm in Elsen, which belonged to the Landesherr (LH), perhaps the Count of Fürstenberg. He was mentioned in a Wechselbriefe (see Wesselbook under Wietmarschen). It looks like he (or his son Johann) married to Trine from Gesseln, she belonged to the church of Paderborn (Domkapitel). Original text: Trine Kuhlepeters von Kuhlpeters St(ätte) zu Gesseln DK (Domkapitel) an LH (Landesherr) Johann Budden St(ätte) im Dorf Elsen.

Gesseln and Elsen have since been incorporated in Paderborn.

Source: Frei- und Wechselbriefe aus Domkpaitel Paderborn, Akten 110

Quellen zur Sozial- und Familiengeschichte der Eigenbehörigen des Domkapitels Paderborn (von Leopold Schütte)

Information supplied by Tara Chace (

My ancestor was Franz Josef Budde, born March 1851. He was a plumber by trade. His ancestors were Catholics from Paderborn where they had been tradesmen who worked on the stained glass windows for churches. After his wife Wilhelmina Dehnel died, Franz Budde emigrated from Berlin to New York with his three sons (Max, b. 5 Feb 1876; Hugo, b. 6 Mar 1884; Edmund, b. 15 May 1885). They had been living in Berlin for at least 15 years before they emigrated. He and his three sons arrived at Ellis Island, New York, on June 20, 1892 aboard the Ems. In the United States Franz went by “Frank” and continued working as a plumber. His three sons were also plumbers. He also had a daughter, Hedwig Johanna Louise Budde (aka “Hattie”), who came to the United States on a different boat, and later married Alfred Ferdinand Laegen. Franz Budde then married Emma Koehler and they had three children:

John (b. 18 Aug 1892), George A. (b. 20 Jul 1896), and Martha (b. Dec 1897 and later married Walter J. Schmitt). Franz died sometime after 1920.”


Caspar Joseph Budde is mentioned as a pupil in the Gymnasium Josephinum zu Hildesheim. Nomenclatur studiosorum 1595-1699

“Caspar Joseph Budde ex Pömpsen dioc(ese). Paderb.(orn), 12 ann (12 years old). inf. 1695”

Source: Emigration lists of Westphalia. Band (vol.) 38/39 Beiträge zur Westfälischen Familienforschung 1980-1981 II. Heimliche Auswanderungen (without permission, secretly):

  • Joh. Anton Menne aus Pömbsen, Ackerer *15.5.11855 with his wife Therese Budde * 3.7.1860 and son Johann 25.9.1880 Emigration 1882 ->Amerika

Stift Quernheim

Source: Emigration lists of Westphalia. Erlaubte Auswanderung (with permission)

  • Karl Gottlieb Budde aus Stift Quernheim * 25.2.1871, parents Hermann Budde und Wilhelmine Philippine Christ. Schreiber Emigration : 1886 Nordamerika – New York (going to his uncle Heinrich Schreiber (emigrated abt. 1850)
  • Heinrich Diet. W. BUDDE aus Stift Quenheim, Kommis (apprentice of commerce) * 21.9.1868 (same parents as above) Emigration 1886 New York (going to his uncle) .
  • Carl Otto W. Budde aus Stift Quernheim * 23.8.1873 parents: Herm. Fr. Budde (+) & Christ. Schreiber (52 years old) (see above) Emigration 1890 >Nordamerika
  • Heinr. Fr. Gottlieb Budde aus Klosterbauernschaft (farms and/or a village with farms owned by a cloister ) Ksp. Stift Quernheim* 20.7.1851 parents: Caspar Heinr. Budde & A.M. Louise Charlotte Biermann (with him going his parents and siblings) Emigration 1866 Amerika.

Grafschaft Ravensberg

In the chapter The Buddes in Hange (Niedersachsen) references are made the Duchy of Ravensberg with Buddes (knights) living there around 1350. In the Urbar of Ravensberg, in which all properties of the Grafschat are listed, several Budde (farmers) are mentioned in 1556.

  • Johan Budde from Hiddenhausen/Minen. (Urbar entry number 1375 – 1384).
  • Claus Buddeke from Oesterweg/Versmold. He was a kötter a name for “Viertelerbe’ (quarter of the land) a description of a tenant-farmer ‘owned’ by the feudal ruler. His wife and children however are listed as ‘free’ (no longer ‘owned’ by the Duke). The Urbar (entry number 1832) describes the serf taxes that he is paying in produce and in money.
  • Johann Budde from Eininghausen (office Limberg). He and his wife and children are listed as serfs. His taxes and debts are listed (Urbar entry number 2736).
  • Gehrke Budde from Schwenningdorf (office Limberg). He is mentioned as a kötter and together with his wife and children are listed as serfs. His taxes and debts are listed (Urbar entry number 2859).

There is also a reference to Giseke (Gisbert) Budde, see section The Buddens in Hange, in the Urbar regarding a payment made to him by the Duke of Ravensberg of one gulden in relation to property of Johann Peltzer.

See also:

Dieter Budde from Gutersloh provided the information on Ravensberg. His family has been traced back to Theodorus Budde married to Anna Clusman on the 5th of October 1699 in Oestereiden.


Johan Conradt Budde was mentioned on the 12th January 1721 as a member of the Council of the city of Recklinghausen.

Styrum (Now Mulheim)]

I’m researching the family of my mother, Christel Budde.

Robert Budde was born 05.05.1881 in Styrum, now part of Mülheim-Ruhr. He was married to Katharina Bürgers, born 18.07.1894. He died in 13.05.1915 in France (WW I)

His parents were Kaspar Budde and Johanna Budde, born Winkels. They lived until their death in Oberhausen-Sterkrade, were Robert Budde lived with his wife Katharina Bürgers also. They got 2 children, one of them my grandfather Johannes Budde, born 20.06.1913 .

They were catholic.

Heike El-Ashi – Tromp


Werl – Soest

The earliest mentioning of a Budde in this region dates from October 23rd 1318. On that day Gottschalk Budde appears before the Councillors of Werl, to sell a “redditus” (that is: an annual pension or unearned annuity) of 3 shillings to the dean of the Chapter of St. Patroklus in Soest. This money shall emerge from a property of Godeschalk of a sufficient value. He proposes his house in Werl, which is not yet charged with any payment except the usual “census arealis” of 4 shillings a year. With that he underlines that the house is easily capable to pay the additional sum of 3 shillings a year, most probable much lower than the interest of the value of the house.

He did so with the agreement of his wife Wendelburgis and his children Godeschalk, Haseken, Iutte , Margareta and Omegund ( perhaps Konegund). Gottschalk was a citizen of Werl. (Urkundenbuch des Kolnischen Westfalens 1301-1325). Source Ingrid Gottschalk and Dr Leopold Schuette.

The town of Soest also appears a few centuries later in the Budde history.

Somewhere around 1530, Jürgen Budde arrived in Kurland (Latvia) from Westfalen. He was also called Jürgen von Soest, probably because he arrived in Kurland from Soest. He married N.N Sperling. According to documents Jürgen was linked the noble Budde family from Osnabrück.

A Dr. jur. Johann Budde from Soest married Ursula Dorothea Stockhausen-Hoffmann. Her birth date must have been between 1658 and 1668. (grave stone mentioned in Paderborner Inschriften Wappen und Hausmarken – Paderborn MCMLVII – Paul Michels)


Andreas Budde 1837

He was a ‘hussier’ for the Royal Guard and sent to America on furlough in December 4, 1840 (and never returned.)

I visited (1996) the gravesite in Peducha, Kentucky. His daughter Mary Budde married my great grandfather – W.H. Harlan in Kentucky.

Some of the names on his papers are: Brookehansen Villiage, Township Soest, Arnsberg County, Von Wussferenberg? Sp.

A German friend of mine said that Germany sent a contingent of men to America to teach fighting on horseback – for Civil War?

Lorraine Robinson


Source: Emigration lists of Westphalia. Erlaubte Auswanderung (with permission)

  • Carl Heinr. Budde aus Frotheim, Stellmacher (cartwheel manufacturer) parents: Fr. Budde Emigration 1883 >Nordamerika
  • Joh. Christian Fr. Budde aus Dankersen, Knecht (labourer)* 5.2.1870 Aminghausen Emigration 1886 >Nordamerika
  • Louise Wilhelmine Friederike Budde aus Vomerdingen, Dienstmagd (farm maid or hired maid) * 5.1.1865 Emigration 1886 >Nordamerika
  • Louise Budde aus Westscheid Ksp. Menninghüffen, 21 years old Emigration 1886 >Nordamarika
  • Arnold Budde aus Varensell Ksp. Neuenkirchen , Ackerer, (farm labourer) * 12.8. 1873 parents: W. Budde. Emigration 1888 > Georgia Nordamerika
  • Sophie Budde aus Frille 22 y old, Emigration 1885 Nordamerika
  • Caspar Heinr. Samuel Budde aus Jöllenbek Ksp Gohfeld * 1.8.1819, parents: Joh. Peter Budde (+) & A.M. Charlotte Rurup (+) Emigration 1839
  • Died. W. Budde aus Bischofshagen Ksp Gohfeld * 4.3.1835 Emigration 1855 Amerika, vermisst (missed)
  • Wilh. Hermann Budde aus Vlotho * 2.100. 1843 parents: Wilhelmine Budde born Sandmann Emigration bef. 1866 ( missed with his mother)
  • Fr.W. Budde aus Häger ,Ksp Werther * 15.4.1832 parents: Herm. Heinr. Budde (+) & Cath. M. Hülskötter Emigration 1852 Amerika
  • Joh. Fr. Budde aus Häger Ksp Werther * 2.12.1835 parents: 10336. Emigration 1854 Amerika
  • Karl Emil Fr. Budde aus Warburg * 6.7.1852 parents: Fritz Budde & Caroline Munch Emigration bef. 1874
  • W. Anton Budde aus Dalheim * 26.10.1834 Emigration 1867 Amerika