Germany – Holstein – Oldenburg – Ostfriesland


The first mentioning in Holstein dates from Lubeck, Christian Budde in 1349. 



The first data from this region dates back to 1560, with a Dietrich Budde born in Jader(berg) Jade, Wesermarch near Wilhelmshaven. I understand this data comes from the Mannzahlregister (a list of all man fit for military service in a county) of the Earl of Oldenburg. 

Eylerdt Budde (evangelic) married in 1651 Elisabeth Mueller in the St Johannes Kirche in Wiefelstede. (Source Fritz Buentemeyer). 

Joseph  Budde born in Dinklage in 1866, and both his parents died there (Gerhard Budde and Catherine Borgerding). 

Johannes Henrich Budde from Garrel, Oldenburg was married to Gesina Maria Neuhaus in the late 1700’s. Their son, Johannes Heinrich Budde, emigrated to Ohio. 

There are also Buddes in Vorden. 




Information on the Emden branch starts with Johann Budde he died before 1592. This family has for many generations been involved in the legal and managerial affairs of this town. 

Johann Budde                                      b. 1595, +1661. oo Marrichen Borrefeldes. They had a son: 

Christofferus Budde                            b. 1626, oo 12.11.1651 Gertrud Wermelskirchen, + 1678. They had a daughter: 

Catharina Anna                                    b. 1657 

Cornelius Budde                                  + 17.5.1708 

Dirk Janssen Budde                             + 5.9.1674               oo 18.12.1651 Margarete de Pottere 

Hessel Budde                                       oo 1) 20.7.1708 Foelke Lammina de Pottere 

Johann Budde                                      + 23.2.1750 (in 1728 Lord mayor of Emden) 

Hessel Budde                                       b. 1605, + 4.11.1652              oo 1) 17.8.1623 Hesther Krimpingkoo 2) 23.5.1630 Catarientie van Lahr 

Johannes Budde                                  +23.2.1730              oo 2) 4.1709 Anna Amalia Michgorius 

Dirk’s daughter Wilhelmina Budde married on 17th of March 1695 the well known ‘orator’ and Pastor of the Grossen Kirchen in Emden, Johannes Alardin. 

There was an earlier Hessel too; he was a member of the Greenland (whaling) Company. He apparently paid out on behalf of the Company 50 Guldens to the poor. 

“1646 August 9 de Hopman Hessel Budde brenget in so de rederen van de Groenlantsche Compannij vnsen armen gegeven hebben f. 50” 

Another two generations later we come across Hessel Cornelis. An interesting anecdote relates to his grave. He is an important official in Emden. He and his wife were shipwrecked off the Dutch coast and were buried in the Friesian (Netherlands) town of Sexbierum. 

Hessel Cornelis Budde uit Emden 



Colonel der Burgerij en Raad 

van het Neder Gerecht te Embden oud 

46 Jaaren en Mevrouwe 


zijn Huisvrouw oud 38 in den Ysselijken 

Storm van 7 Octob 1756 door Schip 

Breuke Verongelukt liggen hier 

Begraven tot den dag Eener gehoopte zalig Opstandig. 

(Translation: Hessel Cornelis Budde, colonel of the citizens and council of the lower-court of  Emden at the age of 46 and Mrs Sara Artropee, his wife aged 38 in the freezing storm of October 7 1756 wrecked and killed are buried here till the day of a hopeful blessed resurrection.) 

His son,Hessel Cornelius Budde, born on 3-10-1746, was also a court official at Emden, died in Emden 9-2-1813. He was married to Magdalena Wiarda, born in Oldersum on 21-9-1747 she died in Emden on 25-5-1816, after a marriage of 25 years. 



In the 18th century Roloff Harm Budde is mentioned as the towns carpenter. He was born around 1700 in Leer and married on 22nd March 1738 Gesche Wempen Vreesman. She dies on 28th May 1759. Perhaps his father was Harm Budde. They were all active members of the Lutheran Church. Roloff’s grandson, Johann Hinrich, launched a campaign to raise money for the church organ. 

His great-grandson Diedrich Arnold, who with his parents moved to Amsterdam, played an important role in the history of the Dutch Reformed Church. 

Several Buddes from this branch, including Diedrich, immigrated to America. 

See: The Netherlands Amsterdam 

D’Ann Washington from Seward, Nebraska added the following information  My mother’s mother was Remine Magdalene Budde.  She was born in Loga/Leer, Ostfa, Germany in 1902, coming to the USA with her family in 1911. Her ancestry includes Conrad Janssen Budde (her father) b. 1855, Johann Diedrich Budde (his father) b. 1825, Jan Roelfs Budde (his father) b. 1780, Rolfs Budde (his father)b. 1756, Jan Roloff Budde (his father) b. 1724, and Roloff Harm Budde (his father) b. abt 1700.  It appears that the family was in the Loga and Leer area for at least 200 years. 


Wilhelm Budde 

Wilhelm Budde was born c1749, possibly in the Parish of Bardewisch in northwest Germany. The actual date and place of his birth is not known, nor the names of his parents or siblings. 

Unfortunately, the parish records were destroyed in a fire about 1802. The local pastor recorded information about families living in the parish at that time about 1804 when he conducted his own private census in which he listed the name and age of every person in each house in the parish. Thank goodness for this. My only regret is that he did not include the actual date and place of birth and the names of the parents of his parishioners. 

Wilhelm married Margaret Oeltjen/Oetjen/Öttken (various spellings) (born 1.3.1752 at Harmenhausen) c1799. They had at least 5 children, all born at Sannau in the Parish of Altenesch – Friedrich (1781-1826), Wilhelm (1786-1794), Johann Hinrich (1786 – 1794), Metta (1789-1789) and Berend (1795-1827). 

Wilhelm died at Krögerdorf (adjacent to Bardewwisch) 28.12.1820. 

Friedrich Budde (1781 – 1826):  

He was baptised at Altenesch 8.7.1781. He became a ship’s carpenter/shipbuilder (?) and moved to Westeraccumersiel, Ostfriesland near Nordern on the northwest coast sometime before 1806. Here he married Gertrud Kass (1787-1839).  They later moved back to the Bardewisch district between 1812 and 1815. 

Wilhelm and Gertrud had five children, the first three being born at Westeraccumersiel and the other two at Bardewisch – Margrethe (1808-1852?), Peter Carsten (1810-1879), Regina (1812-1841)Wilhelm.(1815-1846) and Johann (1822-1828) 

Friedrich died 22.12.1826. 

Peter Carsten Budde (1810 –1879) 

Peter was born 14.3.1810 at Westeraccumersiel, Ostfriesland. His family later moved to the Bardewisch district (probably Krögerdorf), where Peter became a carpenter. He married twice – first on 4.6.1835 to Anna Margarethe Schröder (1811-1852), and, after her death, to her sister Sophia Schröder (1814-?) on 9.2.1853. 

Peter and Anna had six children, with only two surviving to adulthood – Friedrich (1836-1904) and Bernhard Friedrich (1844-1917). Peter and Sophia had two children – Matilde (1853-1877) and Nicolaus (1857–aft 1884). 

Peter died at Krögerdorf on 10 January 1879. 

Bernhard Friedrich Budde (1844-1917) 

He was born at Krögerdorf 6.2.1844.  He became a carpenter. He married Anna Adelheit Schwarting (1847-1887) 7.8.1873. They had nine children, only five of whom survived to adulthood – Peter Carl Friedrich (1873-c1928), Friedrich Hinrich (1875-after 1902), Nicolaus Hinrich (1878-1917), Johann Hinrich (1881-1939) and Bernhard Friedrich (1884-c1930). 

He died in hospital at Berne on 5.10.1917 and was buried at Bardewisch. 

Johann Hinrich Budde (1881-1939) 

Born at Krögerdorf 26.8.1881. He did not follow the family occupation by becoming a carpenter, but became a clerk. He moved to Bremen where he married Gesine Margarethe Lazarow on 8.2.1908. Joahnn and Gesine later divorced. 

They had two sons – Bernhard Andreas (1908-1975) and Andreas Auguste (1909-1942), whose surname was changed to Lüdeke in 1918 after Gesine married Diedrich Lüdeke of Brinkum. 

Johann then married Johanne Beermann at Delmenhorst 7.7.1917. They had two children, Herbert (who died in infancy) and Thea (born 1919 in Bremen). 

Johann died at Bremen 24.9.1939 and is buried at Waller Cemetery, Bremen. 

Bernhard Andreas Budde/Lüdeke (1908-1957) 

Born in Bremen 27.4.1908. After his parents were divorced, his mother moved to Brinkum, where she married Diedrich Lüdeke. After Diedrich’s death, the family moved back to Bremen. 

Bernhard became a steward on a merchant ship. He eventually settled in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia where he married Lucy Moore 14.8.1930. They had one son – Bernhard Alan Phillip (known as Alan) (1932-  ). Bernhard and Lucy later divorced. 

He then married Matty Brooks at Launceston, Tasmania on 2.10.1946. 

Bernhard was employed in the hospitality industry before leasing various hotels in Tasmania. He later built a motel in West Hobart. He died 28.12.1975 at Hobart. 

(Source: Alan Lüdeke – Australia)