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Varensell, Westphalia

I am desperately trying to find out what became of my grandmother’s step-brother, Arnold Budde, who emigrated from Varensell, Westphalia, Germany, to Atlanta, Georgia in 1888 (maybe 1891), accompanied by his uncle Arnold Kerstingtombroke. Can anyone help? I can provide his father’s family tree (Budde) back to the 17th century. In this context.

Yours sincerely Joachim Sanner, Troisdorf, Germany.

joachim_sanner@web.de – Phone: 00492241403741


My husband’s grandfather was Joseph Budde, son of Gerhard Budde and Catherine Borgerding. We are planning on going to Dinklage this summer and wondered if there are any Buddes still there. If people are interested, I can post information about Joseph and his descendants.

He had 2 wives; the first died shortly after childbirth. They had 10 children. His sister had emigrated to Hamilton, OH, and that’s where Joseph first settled. Then, when the railroad was selling land in Minnesota, he  bought a farm in Melrose, MN. The farm is still owned by one of his descendants. I am SO excited to see all this information, but I’m not sure how Gerhard fits into all the genealogy you have listed. And what about Catherine?

Jo Ann Budde  jab@buddefamily.com


Somehow my family relates too Prime Minister Of Prussia Hermann Von Budde born in Bensberg Castle brother of theologian Karl Budde. i have traced back as far as George Budde WWI hero died in action. Having trouble linking between America and Germany.

Hermann Von Budde married Helene Heyland children of them are unknown but great grand daughter is Gevinon baroness Bussche and great grandson Alexander Freiherr Von Medem or Meden.

Hermann was born November of 1851 and died 4-28-1906 and his wife was born 5-11-1871 and died 2-23-1916. Karl’s full name is Karl Ferdinand Reinhard Budde.

Bobbie Jo Budde

Schlangen – Nordrhein Westfalen

I am trying to find information on the Budde families from Schlangen, Germany. I have found Henrich Herman Budde b. 1728 m. Anne Marie Elisabeth Schloemer(s) 31 Jan 1766. Henrich’s father was Johan Henrich Budde m. Catharina Ilseben Ploeger of Nienhagen but have no birth/death/ancestry information for Johan or Ploeger. The FHC church films from Schlangen do not date back any further. I would appreciate any information or help you may be able to offer.

Thank you. –Dianne email: de30107@windstream.net


My name is Joy Budde. I have been trying to find information on my grandfather and great grandparents in Germany.

My grandfather was Otto Budde, born 06 april 1877 in Germany to Fredrick Budde and Anna Weimner. I believe that Fredrick was born around 1848 and died 1878 in Germany. Anna was born around 1848 and died in 1890 in Germany. My grandfather, Otto Budde, came to the U.S. in 1891 as an orphan. My father also indicated that Otto said he came from Baden-Baden, Germany.

Can you give me any tips on trying to locate information about my roots in Germany? I would appreciate any help. Thanks.

Joy Budde, 502 E. Farrar, Groesbeck, Texas 76642 jbudde@tol-tx.com


I’m currently living in Bloomfield Hills, MI. I’m originally from Gummersbach, Northrine Westfalia. According to my knowledge the name Budde is known in this area (Bergneustadt, Gummersbach) at least since 1630.

Regards, Andreas Budde andreasbudde@comcast.net

Budde in Fuchtorf

On the Internet I found your reference to Maria Hermans Budde, who was married to my forefather Berndt Schlebbe. Unfortunatelay, she was not named Budde but her last name was Heimans or Heumans.

However, in the village of Füchtorf there was (or still is) a farm called Budde and there were many people with that name. I give your some births, marriages and deaths, but they are far from complete. You can also find information at www.familysearch.com.

Yours sincerely

Vincent Sleebe berkelder.sleebe@wxs.nl


Hi Paul came across your “Sieler” name ,my husbands ancestors are Sielers from Germany a place named GROSSBOTVAR our son currently has all info about migration etc to Australia in 1854 name CHRISTINA and CONRAD SIELER

Stephanie Sieler we live in NSW also sjsieler@tsn.cc

Hans Von Budde, CO of Jasta 15 World War One

I’m researching a Fokker Triplane colour scheme for a radio controlled model that I’m building. The one I have found is of Lt Hans Von Budde who was one of the commanding officers of Jasta 15, a German fighter squadron on the Western Front during World War One. I was hoping you might be able to tell me more about him, as it is always nice to have some idea about the stories behind the plane.

Thank you in advance,

Rob Bullion

please reply to rob_bullion@hotmail.com

Johann Bernhard * 20.3.1842 in Varrelgraben (Bremen)

I thought I had made a connection when I came across an entry, namely “Budde, Johann Bernhard * 20.3.1842 in Varrelgraben”.

John Bernhard Budde was my father’s name and Johann Bernhard was his father, both hailing from Bremen. Alas, the dates were wrong: My grandfather’s (Johann Bernhard) dates were from 31 March 1850 to 11 March 1923 – born and died in Bremen with a one generation sojourn in the US. His father was Carl Heinrich August Budde, again born (Bremen) 14 Nov 1822, died (Bremen)

17 Feb 1911. Next generation was a Johann Berend Budde, born in Sonneborn 19 Dec 1788, died Bremen 22 June 1861.

After that, the dates get skinny. Does this help you? Norm & Townley Budde: nbudde@comcast.net

Lucke/Budde Afferde germany

I have been to your site regarding Mapping the Budde Families in Germany. In my history of the Lucke family in Germany I have the following.

Johann Christian Wilhelm LUCKE b.Afferde 18-03-1809 d. Afferde 29-05- 1873

m. first wife 31 Jul 1842

Friederike Caroline Luise Amalie BUDDE from Afferde b. 13-02-1913 d. 5 Feb 1846

They have 2 Children:

  • Christian Friedrich Wilhelm LUCKE b. 13-01-1843. He inherits Afferde No 2 farm and afterwards he inherited a farm at Koppen-brugge and then sells his farm at Afferde in 1875 two years after his father died.
  • Melusine Wilhelmine LUCKE b. 3 Oct 1845

I have been contacted by a Wes LUCKE in Carrollton, TX who says he is also related.

The particulars he sent to me was as follows. He believes he is a great grandson of Christian Friederich Wilhelm LUCKE.

This is now what I have from Wes which is confusing to me. Ludwig LUCKE and Charlotte BUDDE of Germany








Wes says some of these names maybe nicknames. Have you come across any of these names please in amongst your BUDDE genealogy?

Connie Johnson

Bundaberg Queensland


  • Here is a correction I see that I have made an error with the birth date of Friederike Caroline Luise Amalie BUDDE from Afferde b. 13-02-1913 d. 5 Feb 1846, she was born 13-02-1813

Cloppenburg born in Nordhorn

Wilhelm Budde Cloppenburg born in Nordhorn

Guten Abend,suche alles über Budde.Mein Großvater Wilhelm Budde geb.29.09.1896-30.09.1975 in Cloppenburg, Ehe mit Maria Einhaus. Mein Großvater ist in Nordhorn geboren . Haben Sie Informationen?

Gruß Eva-Maria Strauch Abuela52@aol.com

Harry Near Cloppenburg? – Marcia K Jones – nee-Budde

Hi Paul, I’m Marcia K. Jones-nee-Budde. My great grandparents came from Germany. My grandfather went by the name of Harry until he wanted to retire and there was no record of a Harry- according to the Church Baptisimal records there was a Henry born to his parents that they assume was him. My great grandmothers’ name was Caroline Brinkman born in Klopinburg, Germany on Sept. 25, 1863 and she died on Feb. 3, 1905 in St. Marys, Ohio. I do not know my great grandfathers first name. It may have been Henry. My grandfather left home at a very early age. If this helps you in any way I’m glad. If you can help me in any way it would be greatly appreciated. I was also born in 1950. I was born and raised in Muskegon, Michigan. I hope to hear from you. Sincerely, Marcia Clop

Marcia, I have Budde ancestors near St. Mary’s, too. Contact me at mwilson1@prodigy.net. maybe there are clues. Marilyn Wilson

Johann Heinrich Budde – Herford

Hello Paul, I am Suzanne Budde Campbell of Tucson AZ USA. I am researching my Budde lineage, and have hit a wall with my great-grandfather, Johann Heinrich Budde. He was born October 16. 1846 in Herford, and came to the US in September 1882 with his wife, Marie(Weidkamp) and five children. They settled in Quincy, IL, where he died Dec. 13, 1930. I obtained the above information from death certificates of Johann, his wife and children , while visiting Quincy this summer. I obtained Johann’s death cetificate, but his parentage was not noted thereon. I am wondering if you have any information or links to this lineage? I am the youngest grandchild of one of his youngest children, and have no access or knowledge of any other family, such as brothers or sisters, or any written record of this man. There is a old “story” that I remember hearing of when I was young, that Johann had been ‘given’ to a Budde family to be raised…perhaps an illegitimate child? He was said to have been a member of the Prussian Guard when he was a young man Perhaps a family ‘tall tale’? Thank you for your time….any help would be greatly appreciated.

Suzanne Budde Campbell suzebc@webtv.net


My son Ryan has lead me to your website and in reading the material I noted my paternal Aunt had written to you giving information about my great-great grandfather, Johann Heinrich Budde born Oct 16,1846 <Where? in germany?> came to the USA in Sept 1882 with wife Marie <Weidkamp> and five children. Joseph <My great grandfather was one of these five children> Johann died 12/13/30 in Quincy Ill. Where you able to find any information that would lead us back further?? I’m interested to find the birthplace of Johann.

Thank you,

Michelle Budde-Surdell msurdell@comcast.net

Buddes emigrating from Bunde Germany to USA in 1850’s

I’ve just joined the Budde group a couple of weeks ago. Paul Budde sent me some information about Buddes in Westfallen. In the section “Bunde” was a mention of a Hermann Heinrich Budde born 27 May 1830 (who emigrated to America in 1854) Hermann was my mothers, fathers, mothers fathers brother. It also mentioned a Caspar Heinrich Budde which was also the name of Herman’s brother.

I asked a newsgroup (alt.genealogy) if they could help with information about emigration in 1854 of Wilhelm and Caspar.

One very kind person wrote back with the following:-

New York Passenger Lists, 1851-1891

Name: Hermann Budde

Arrival Date: 19 Oct 1855 Age: 24 Port of Departure: Bremen, Germany

Destination: New York

Place of Origin: Germany

Ship Name: Blucher

Port of Arrival: New York

Line: 22

Microfilm Roll: 157

List Number: 1025

He also included a ships manifest. (included as attachment)

(Also big error, as manifest above states 1855 when document clearly shows 1853)

The problem I have with this is that Hermann was the wrong age. At 19 Oct 1953 he should be 23 years old not 24 as stated in the manifest.

Seeing that Hermann Budde was a very common name, maybe it is not the person I’m looking for.

Also sent was the following :-

Name: Caspar Heinrich Budde

Year: 1852

Place: Illinois

Source Publication Code: 8368

Primary Immigrant: Budde, Caspar Heinrich

Annotation: Entries located in the Introduction are indicated in this

index by the code I.

Source Bibliography: SHELLEY, JANE, and ELSIE M. WASSER, compilers.

Naturalization and Intentions of Madison County, Illinois: An Index

1816-1900. Edwardsville, Ill.: the compilers, 1983. 163p.

Page: 20

Source Information:

Gale Research. Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s [database online]. Provo, Utah: MyFamily.com, Inc., 2003. Original data: Filby, P.

William, edit. Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s.

Farmington Hills, MI: Gale Research, 2003.


The above implies that Caspar was travelling alone.

The Caspar I’m after was born 20 Nov 1837.

I.E. we have a boy of 15 travelling alone.

Thus I don’t think this is the person I’m looking for.

The man from alt.genealogy also sent the following :-


Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s


Name: Hermann Heinrich Budde

Year: 1855

Place: America

Family Members: Sister Hanne Wilhelmine

Source Publication Code: 9417

Primary Immigrant: Budde, Hermann Heinrich

Source Bibliography: VERDENHALVEN, FRITZ. Die Auswanderer aus dem

Fuerstentum Lippe (bis 1877). (Sonderveroeffentlichungen des

Naturwissenschaftlichen und Historischen Vereins fuer das Land Lippe, vol.

30.) Detmold, Germany: Naturwissenschaftlicher und Historischer Verein fuer

das Land Lippe, 1980. 535p.

Page: 52

Source Information:

Gale Research. Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s [database

online]. Provo, Utah: MyFamily.com, Inc., 2003. Original data: Filby, P.

William, edit. Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s. Farmington Hills, MI: Gale Research, 2003.

Unfortunately I’m sure the Herman Heinrich Budde that I’m looking did not have a sister named Hanne Wilhelmine Budde.

After a couple of hours looking at the LDS web site I found two families with brother and sisters named Herman Heinrich Budde and Hanne Wilhelmine Budde.

There parents were:-

1) Christoph Budde and Kathrine Luise Lessmann from Oerlinghausen, Lippe, Germany.

2) Toens Henrich Budde and Anne Marie Luise Kopp from Oerlinghausen, Lippe, Germany.

LDS , obviously, do not have complete records of all Buddes in the World.

So, most provably, I haven’t found the correct family to which Hermann and Hanne belong.

Unfortunately Paul Budde didn’t have any Emigration records from the Lippe area.

I don’t think the above people are the ones I’m looking.

Maybe the above information can assist someone else in their family history search.

Peter Dypoldt

My name is Peter Dypoldt. I am also a Budde descendant. In fact I have two Budde ancestors. My mothers (Sigrid Kuhweide) mother was Emilia Budde 15 Feb 1892 to 19 Dec 1928 (brother Wilhelm). Emilia Budde father was Dietrich Budde, mother was Wilhelmine Wisselmann. My mothers father was Otto Kuhweide 24 Feb 1884 to 29 Feb 1948. Otto’s mother was Karoline Budde 5 April 1854 to 17 may 1935 Karolines father was Friedrich Wilhelm Budde 26 Apr 1827 to 21 Dec 1906.

Friedrich has siblings Herman Henrich Budde born 1830, Anna Marie Budde born 1834 and Casper Heinrich Budde born 1837. They all were christened Evangelish Buende Westfalen, Preussen. Their father was Herman Heinrich Budde married 30 July 1826 to Anne Marie Kamphoefener. Married at Evangelish Buende Westfalen, Preussen. That is the only information I have (except that my mother remembers letters from America when she was young. I.E. one, some? of the Budde family emergrated to the USA.) Does that help you in any way, Are we, closely, related. (or maybe just 50th cousins?) Good luck with your family treeing.

Peter Dypoldt. peter.dypoldt@ntlworld.com

Heinrich Budde West Prussia

Hello Paul,

My husbands family is from Westphalia, W.Prussia Allen Co.

The Head of this line is Heinrick Budde and his wife Elinor Bohn.

They had 2 Sons and 5 Girls. the first son, Frederick H. Budde came here with his wife Christine Weise. This was in 1885. It is not known for sure just when Heinrick came or the daughters but the second son came at age 16 in 1886 aboard the “Fulda” Frederick and Christine arrived aboard the “Main”. We feel that Heinrick came in 1885 or 1886. His daughters, Louise, Sophia, Christine, Marie, and Elenore came about the same time.Frederick lived in Indianaapolis, Indiana and Christ and the rest of the family lived in Chicago, Illinois. Heinrick and Elinor owned and operated a Laundry with Christian.

Do you have any knowledge of this family? According to folk lore, they were Von Budde for some deed one of the past members did for royality.

True or not, we don’t know.

I do have this one family pretty well documented but when Fred and Christ was in Indianapolis, there was also a Fritz Budde living in the same apartment. He was only in the one Census. I think I have found him and Fritz is a nickname. His name would have been Friedrich Carl Budde and his Parents were Johan Friedrich Budde and Caroline Sophie Schaeferfranz. I do have this history also. Do you think that you would have any information that would help in tying these two families together and why they left Westphalia, W. Prussia? Thank You

Doris Budde brbudde1@juno.com

More info added in November 2004

Hello Paul,

It has been a long time since we last talked. I have never been able to find anything on my Husbands branch of the Budde’s of Westfalia.

Only that Heinrich and Elinor (Bohn) Budde were here in Chicago. When they came and on what ship is a mystery. It is believed that 2 of their 5 daughters came alone on a ship, perhaps the “Ems” and the other 3 must have come with them. Their one son, Frederick came with his wife, Christine on either the ‘Main” or the “Fulda” and their second son, Christian came on one of these at age 16. According to Frederick, the name used to be Von Budde. Perhaps he meant Vom Budde, who knows.

I do have their history on this side of the ocean but nothing on the Prussian side.

You and I have talked about this before and you knew nothing about them either, so I guess there is no way of learning. I also think I have found the Fritz Budde that stayed a year with Frederick and Christ in Indianapolis. But this is not for sure.

So you see, I am still in the same place as when we talked about this. Thank You for letting me know the new address. I wish you well


William Alfred Budde/Toronto -Germany

Hi, Paul my name is Jeremy Budde I am currently living in Grande Prairie Alberta, Canada. I have no idea if we are the slightest bit related but I figured I would give it a shot. I’m just trying to trace my family’s background. My Oma and my dad and two aunties, moved to Toronto from Germany. My Opa died after the war, his name was William Alfred Budde. If you know anything write back.Its a long shot but I figured I would try. jeremybudde@hotmail.com

Buddes in Osnabruck?

Dear Paul

Found your site when I was doing one of my periodic trawls for Povels. Very impressive. And I hadn’t known that Sophia Bruck was a godmother to a Budde child, so that was good – thanks. I am one of the myriads of descendants of Sophia’s sister, Frederica Clara Bruck.

Having read your site, I appreciate that there are rather a lot of Buddes and that they are all over the place. Nevertheless, I was wondering if you could help me identify two, particularly Dorothea Elisabeth Budde who was one of the godmothers of Anna Elisabeth Dorothea Brickwedde, born/christened 2 April 1745, Osnabruck. The child’s parents were Johann “Assuer” Brickwedde, c1707-1787, and Anna Elisabeth Sprenger, ??-1776. Ms Budde is recorded in the baptismal register as “Dorothea Elisabeth Budde, Frau Witt Heystermans”.

I’ve also got an Anna Maria Budde, c1720-1796, who I think married Johann Herman Wegmann in Herbern in 1743. In 1773 in Herbern, she was godmother to Johann Herman Henric van Lohe, whose mother was a Povel.

Any chance you know anything about these people? Please let me know, either yea or nay

Look forward to hearing from you

Regards, franciscaccooper@franciscacooper.screaming.net

Buddes in Witten/Ruhr

Hi Paul,

ich stehe ganz am Anfang die Geschichte meiner Familie zu erforschen. Dabei fand ich heraus, dass meine Großmutter (mother from my mother) Anna Budde hieß. Sie wohnte zuletzt in Witten / Ruhr und war verheiratet mit Paul Müller.

Leider habe ich keine weiteren Daten. Ob es da wohl eine Verbindung gibt?

Margot Dierenfeld Mmadikork@aol.com

Ich fand:

Anna Maria Budde, oo Paul Ludwig Hermann Müller,

Kinder: Maria Anna, *3.6.1912

Paula Franziska *20.1.1914 +25.11.1949 oo Karl August Wickel, 3 Kinder

siehe tree der Familie Wickel

Margot Dierenfeld, * Wickel

Buddes in Hameln

Hallo Herr Budde,

Sie suchen Mitglieder der Familie Budde. Einer – Karl Budde – bekam 1910 in Verden das Bürgerrecht. Er wurde 1866 in Hameln geboren.

Mehr kann ich Ihnen leider nicht mitteilen. Er gehört nicht zu meinen Vorfahren/Familie. Ich habe nur von Verden eine Liste der Neubürger, in der er genannt wird.

Vielleicht würden Sie in Hameln weiterkommen?

Viel Erfolg!!!

Gruß aus Verden

auf die andere Hälfte des Globus

Bärbel Ebeling

Buddes in Padeborn

I received the following info from clleague genealogist Ingrid

Dear Paul,

I was searching for Kemper and Kuhlenkamp.. Findung also some Budde. Most of them at Paderborn (the Marktkirche) I dont have any documents. only the search in IGI Batch J,K and M 941861 and 941862. Doing some lists for you, iI erased all of it, when the computer went down. I will do a new list tomorrow. The first Budde is Matthias, * abt. 1620 .

1 Theodorus BUDDE abt. 1720

.. oo bef. 1754

Anna Maria KEMPER abt. 1720

2 H.J.Theodorus Bernhardus BUDDE *01.01.1754 Roxel

1 Henricus BUDDE abt. 1750 (the relation with Caspar isn’t sure)

.. oo 06.08.1769 Marktkirche Paderborn

Catharina BORGMEYER abt. 1750

2 Caspar BUDDE *19.11.1780 Marktkirche Paderborn C. Josephus (not sure)

…. oo 18.03.1803 Marktkirche Paderborn

Franziska STRUCK Verheiratet: ..

3 Johann (Anton) BUDDE *13.06.1822 Paderborn Marktkirche (not sure)

…… oo 15.04.1850 Marktkirche Paderborn

Wilhelmina KUHLENKAMP abt.1830

I will list some more. Kind regards Ingrid

Georg Budde Bremen-Sebaldsbrueck

I received the following information from a colleague genealogist Heike Schlatzer (heikeschaetzler@nwn.de)

Georg Budde born at Bremen-Sebaldsbrueck before 1775

His daugter

Hille Budde born 20.02.1752 at Bremen-Rockwinkel (christened 28.02.1752) died 03.11.1805 at Bremen- Rockwinkel married 28.04.1775 at Bremen- Rockwinkel Johann Bartels (born 15.10.1747 at Ellenergeestkamp died 15.07.1782 at Hilge (?)

Son: Hinrich Bartels , born 04.02.1776 at Hilge (?) died about 1838 at Bremen-Hodenberg 2. Marriage 02.05.1783 with Berend Behrens /Berens born 03.11.1757 died 22.11.1802 both at Bremen-Rockwinkel They have 6 children

Budde Anklam Pommern – Matthias Peiper

Sehr geehrter Herr Budde,

ich suche weitere Vorfahren von Franz Buddeus, geb. 20.05.1634 in Anklam, gest. 15.07.1705 in Anklam, wo er Praepositus war. Sein Sohn hieß Johann Franz Buddeus, geb. 25.06.1667 in Anklam, gest. 18.11.1729 in Gotha, verheiratet mit Catharina Posner. Von da an setzt sich die Familie in Thüringen fort.

In meiner Stammtafel finden sich Budde aus Anklam:

1,) Franz Budde (Buddeus) geb. 20.05.1634 in Anklam, gest. 15.07.1705

Anklam, verh. mit

2.) Catharina Balthasar, dieser verh. in 1. Ehe mit GLANDT, sie gest.


deren Sohn

3.) Johann Franz, geb. 25.06.1667 in Anklam, ausgewandert nach Thüringen, in

Gotha gest. 18.11.1729.

Die Buddes waren alle Pastoren in Anklam bzw. Gotha.

Können Sie eine Verbindung herstellen bzw. mir weitere Informationen über die Vorfahren geben?

Vielen Dank und viele Grüße, Ihr Matthias Peiper peiper@uke.uni-hamburg.de

Sillies (Budde) – Wietmarschen

Hello Paul,

I’m Don Sillies, married to Mary Ellen Sillies (BUDDE). We live in Cincinnati, Ohio in the USA. I came by your Internet Page “Family Tree Budde Family” through a relative of mine living in Wietmarschen – Wilma (Forsting) Lockhorn.

Unfortunately, I know very little about the Budde heritage. My wife’s father’s name was (deceased in l985) Norbert. His father’s name was George W. His father (George W.’s) supposedly came from Europe. That’s all I know at this time.

I have been working on the Sillies Family most recently but, intend to start looking into the Budde family in the near future. As I learn more, I’ll let you know.

Sincerely, Donald G. Sillies Dons4golf@AOL.com

Buddes in Brechten

I saw your Budde genealogy Web page. Then I looked at your picture and you look a little like my uncle Edmund Walter Budde III. So I thought I’d send you what little I’d found on Buddes. I emailed a guy I found on the Internet (W. Jürgen Budde) about the history of the Budde family and here’s what he had to report. The original German that he sent back is at the bottom; my translation is at the top. (see below)

My own Budde connection was Frank Budde who came to New York from Berlin in the late 1800s. I suspect he was originally from the Osnabrück branch, but was one of the workers, rather than the wealthy landowners. Family legend has it that our branch were stained glass craftsmen traveling around from church to church… Frank’s sons all became plumbers in New York City around the turn of the century. Does this fit in with anything you’ve uncovered?

Thanks, Tara F. Chace chace@seanet.com http://www.seanet.com/~macki/chace

In our family history search I have come accross a Buddenhof in Brechten. The Buddes were listed to be living in Brechten since the 12/13 century and de Buddenhof was still in Brechten early in the last century (1920s?).

I came across Thomas Hoeckmann in Brechten who provided me pictures and maps of Brechten and the Buddenhof.

He also provided this info:

Dear Paul,

yes there are quite a few people named Budde in Brechten. And there are very many all over Germany. If you are very sure, that your ancestors do come from Brechten, they might be coming from the Haus marked on the map as Budde. As far as I know there is no Budde living in it any more. In the old days the younger sons had to leave the farm of the parents, because only one could be the heir. So they got a small piece of land somewhere in the village to buill a small house and have some garden land.So your direct ancestors could be also from one of those “koetter”-houses as we call them.If you want to get in contact with one of the Buddes, check the german telephone directory: www.teleauskunft.de an look for budde in Dortmund. Numbers starting with 80 are in Brechten. The next time I go to the cemetery I will take a photo of the house.

Do you have any detailed information about somebody from Brechten? Let me know and I can check it out on this side. Regards Thomas Hoeckmann

Wilhelm Carl Budde Nordhorn 1892


My name is Gregor G. Santel and I am living in Paderborn, in Germany. I personally have Budde ancestors (Maria Adelheid Budde, * May 13, 1811 in Wietmarschen is my Old Grandmother) but this is not the reason I write to you. I have got a reference to your website from Rolf Suewolto in Paderborn/Salzkotten, Germany, and I have seen and down loaded your excellent history of the Budde family.

I asked Rolf Suewolto about a Wilhelm Carl Budde from Nordhorn, but he could not help. I hope you can help me to get some information about his Budde family. He gave me the tip to ask you.

The parents of Wilhelm Carl are Johann Wilhelm Budde and Euphemia Maria Büscher. Wilhelm Carl was christened on Tuesday, April 12, 1892 in the Catholic Church of Nordhorn. The family lived in Frensdorf near Nordhorn and the occupation of his father was “Steinschläger”, stonecutter.

The next known fact is his emigration to the United States (see Ellis Island record: http://www.ellisislandrecords.org/). On July 15, 1911 he started his trip with the steamship Noordam I at the harbor of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Wilhelm Carl Budde arrived at the port of New York on July 24, 1911.

From the “List or Manifest of Alien Passengers for the United States Immigration Officer at Port of Arrival” I have got some more information about the person Wilhelm Carl Budde. His occupation in Germany was “clerk”. His “final destination” was indicated with Indianapolis in Indiana. He wants to visit his “friend” Anton Teipen in 209 Bakemeyer Street in Indianapolis. But both of these entries are changed. The first mention of the “final destination” was “New York”. The crossed out entry in the column: “Whether going to join a relative or friend, …” is unreadable. This correction should be done during the journey. Nobody knows the reason.

On page 129 of the ship list, I found the “friends” of Wilhelm Carl Budde. Here is listed Anton Teipen and his wife Rika. They were “Going Home” after a visit of their home country. Rika, the spouse of Anton Teipen, is a sister of the grandfather of my wife.

The “nearest relative or friend in country whence alien came” was his uncle H[einrich] Schomakers. He was the owner of a “Cafe & Restaurant” in Nordhorn. This restaurant was called “Burgschenke” in the middle of the 20th century. Today the inn is called “Domspatz” (see Paul Budde history).

At the moment I can not get a connection from the parents of Wilhelm Carl Budde to one of the Budde families. Do you know something about the parents of Wilhelm Carl Budde?

Members of the Teipen family in Indianapolis asked me, to find out more about Wilhelm Carl Budde.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Gregor G. Santel

Kaiser-Heinrich-Str. 94

33104 Paderborn



Hello, my name is Kirsten . I live in a village near Oldenburg (Germany).

You are searching for family Budde. My Grandmother is a born Budde.

She comes from Varel- Streek and i now the family lived there for 200 years.

I think before they come from Ostfriesland,Leer.



William Budde – b. Christian Wilhelm Budde in Hanover 1835

William Budde was born in Hanover, Germany Dec. 5, 1835, and died from apoplexy, Dec. 29, 1913. When he was about 9 years old, he came with his parents to America and settled in Cook Co., Illinois Soon, however, his father died, after which the family moved to Chicago. After his marriage in 1855, he moved to Wheeling, Ill., and in 1879 came to Minnesota and settled in Nicollet Co. About 14 years later, he moved with his family to Mankato, Minn., where he resided until his death. Brother Budde was converted in his youth under the influence of the Evangelical Association and tried to live a Christian life and serve God. His wife died in 1911. He leaves 2 sons and 3 daughters, besides many other friends. A. A. SCHENDEL. (Newspaper obituary)

My mother found this obituary after her mother died. Until that time she had been told he had been born in Alsace-Lorraine.

I would like to know of any links to Buddes in the Hanover area. His wife was Anna Maria Wolf b. December 03, 1833

Charles Boody/Wilhelm Carl Heinrich Budde – Hanover

I have posted once or twice on the American “board” was wondering if you’d be kind enough to post for the German board since that’s where I’m trying to locate people? Also if any of the names/locations look familiar, would you be good enough to let me know where I should write for further information? I am trying to locate a book called “Ortsfamilienbuch Hemeringen 1604-1874 Vol. 1 (rumor has it that my great, great grandparents are mentioned in it, though since I haven’t seen it…hard to say) Information for post is listed below…I thank you once again for helping. Stacey

Still searching for Charles Boody/Wilhelm Carl Heinrich Budde

born: January 12, 1835 (per US records/German archive says 1834)

place:Hannover (per US records)

place: (per German archives): Dehmke, Hameln AMT, Hannover

parents: Fredrick Boody & Doretta Fredricks (per US documents)

“Fredrick” dies abt. 1838 & “Doretta” dies about 1872 both “Hannover” natives.

Friedrich Budde & Dorothee Friedrichs (per German archive)

Emigrated “without permission” abt, 1853/ spring of 1854

(no information as yet on from where, or what ship)

Settled/married/raised children in Hardin County, Iowa USA

**Searching for information on Charles/Wilhelm in Germany…his parents/siblings

*I have been told that there is a possible (unconfirmed) reference to my family members in a book called: “Ortsfamilienbuch Hemeringen 1604-1874” Vol. 1

This book refer’s to a:

Johann Friedrich Budde who was a farmer in Dehmke and married:

Anna Catharina Dorothea Louisa Friedrichs in Gross Berkel Parish on 25 September 1817

“Dorothea” is mentioned as having been born in Egge, Hemeringen Parish on 14 December 1795 and died in Dehmke on 13 April 1869. more information on her parents and grandparents are suppose to be available in this book.

I have not been able to locate parish/church records for Gross Berkel in order to confirm children of the couple, nor find my Charles/Wilhelm Carl Heinrich Budde….ANY assistance with this family, or look up’s in the above mentioned books, or people with access to local records for the Dehmke area, please email me! I thank everyone for their time….Stacey


Buddes from Bardewish (Bremen)


I noticed in one of the genealogy websites I was browsing through recently that you are researching the BUDDE family in the NW area of Germany.

I am descended from BUDDEs who lived mainly in Bardewisch (just NW of Bremen) but for a short while one family spent a few years at Westeraccum near Norden.

Another branch of my family were the BATTERMANNs who came from the Leer district.

Would your ancestors have come from these particular districts? If so, we may be able to help each other.

Ancestral families I am researching in Ostfriesen are:



BUDDE, ÖTTKEN /OELTJEN, SCHÖDER, SCHWARTING in the Bremen-Bardewisch-Lemwerder area.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes from




Buddes in Pommern

my Name is Alexandros Musewald, I’m researching the Family Musewald. Just I found

your Homepage. So I want to ask you a question. My Grandmother was KAETHE

ELISABETH BUDDE she was born 09.Dec.1903 in the Area of STETTIN/POMMERN/GERMANY.

Her Father was Wilhelm Budde a farmer in that area, she also had a brother called


Maybe their is any consens to your FAMILY-TREE ?

Alexandros Musewald [TwoAlfa@t-online.de]

Budde’s Eikhorst Westphalen


I am researching the Budde family also. Although I have only gone back to Ernest Budde, who came from the area of Westphalia, Eikhorst and listed in the Berghirchen Church records. My Great-Grandfather was Ernest Heinrich Budde, born in 1822, being the illegetimate son of Karl Frederich Budde, a farmhand in Eikhorst and the mother is Eliz. Hartman born 1797 in Eikhorst. If you know of this family, I would love to hear from you.

Arnetia Osborn


Budde’s from Hannover

Hello Paul, I found your Budde website. My grandmother was Theresia Agnes Budde, b: 1899 in Furstenau, Hannover, Germany. I recently travelled there to visit relatives and do a little genealogy research. As far as I went back, the Budde’s were in Furstenau. Johann Albert was born there in 1813 and his father’s name was Georg (or Jurgen). It was listed either way in a ‘history of the house’ it mentions that the family may have come from Brockhausen Kreis Lingen. I’m not familiar with that location but I’m still hoping for to find more information on the Budde’s. If any of this is interesting to you, please let me know and I’ll send more details.

Julie Randolph


Budde Bavaria

My great grandfather Henerick Budde Came to America in April22,1857 from Bavaria. He Served in the 7th Army Corp 14th Divison-27th infantry Brigade !6th Regiment 3rd Batallon from Effeln, Lipstadt,Co. He was of Catholic faith and was married to Gertrude (Schuette?)Budde. They settled in Paducah,Ky. where they raised 2sons and 2 dgts. Henry(as he was known as in Paducah died Oct.26,1874. He was born Oct.21,1826. in Prussia. Do you recognize any of the above information? I would appreciate any help on the Budde family. Martha Budde Garland e-mail h-r-garland@yahoo.com