Appendix Acknowledgments

  • The geological information was recorded during trips I made with Barry Collier into the Watagans in 1994.
  • Great North Road information was collected during the many discussions with Historical Archaeologists Grace Karskens and Shiobhan Lavelle in 1995 and 1996 and at a seminar ‘The Road’ in the Hyde Park Barracks in Sydney in 1994. Lorraine Banks has also provided valuable input.
  • One of the few early settlers who took an interest in the Darkinjung was Eliza Dunlop, wife of the Magistrate from Wollombi. In 1840 they built and lived in Mulla Villa. Eliza has recorded conversations with Aboriginal women as well as some poems and words used by them.
  • Information on the Township of Rugby was clarified by Mari Metzke from the Royal Australian Historical Society, during a trip we made with the Dharug and Lower Hawkesbury Society to Dubbo Gully and the Simpson Track. She has written an article on this interesting piece of history.
  • Local history information on Ramsay’s Leap and the Knight’s family directory listing was provided by Carl Hoipo.
  • Pioneering and early settlers information was recorded during a trip I made with Les Sternbeck in 1993, and the late Reg Bradley from Yarramalong. Ettie and Eileen Dean have been another rich source of local history information. Beryl Collins filled in some missing details from the 1960s. Hugh Grimes (who now lives in Tasmania) helped me out with the details of the beginnings of the current settlement of Bucketty.
  • Bill Bottomley’s oral history books: Back Then… (Yarramalong 1993), In Those Days…(Murrays Run and Wattagan Creek 1994) and By Force of Maul and Wedge (Great North Road 1996) were used to check and double-check some of the oral information I received. The same applies to the book Reflections on Bucketty a compilation of stories written by some of the early residents and edited by Sharon Rundle and Carrie Grimes on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the first sub-division of Bucketty in 1997. All these publications are highly recommended for those who want to delve a bit deeper into different aspects of our fascinating history.
  • The cover has been designed by Ravian Budde and I would also like to acknowledge the assistance of Isabelle Fogarty with the production of the book.